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    How can our druid imrove? Megaera 10M (logs)

    We are having some issues with healing Megaera 10M.. I need some expert advice to see if there is anything that is wrong or can be done to improve overall mana and or healing for our druid.. Here is logs for tonight from Megaera 10M tonight. Any advice on logs or talents/gems/ect would be helpful..



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    hmm, main issue seems to be healing, not the mana, were talking about a 7:44 min fight here, if u look at the cd's, he used innervate twice, meaning he can use like 2-3 more innervates if he pops them early, that should make alot of difference mana wise. i used to heal with boomkin gear, with like 4k spirit, almost never got oom not even on healing heroic fights as long u use ur cd's well, so my advice would even be to drop some spirit but guess thats personal preference.

    nature's vigil, 1,5m cooldown, only been used 3 times, can use it at least 2-3 more. if u use it on cd u can even use it together with tree form every time.
    mushrooms, u seem to be overhealing 25% of ur rejuv's, make sure u have mushrooms up if u think ur overhealing 2 much, place them well and ull get insane heals of it wich cost like no mana.

    would also gem more for intellect, since as far as i know that is the main stat over everything unless personal preference for spirit, wich u dont seem to be needing that much if u time innervates well.

    also, with tree form, u could just lifebloom everyone up instead of using rejuv and such, costs way less mana and does insane healing aswell, since u can know when the damage is coming u could just start lifeblooming everyone

    and if u look at the graphics of healing done, u can see that out of the 5 heavy damage incomings, 3 of them u start healing alot later then the other 2 healers, and when ur healing is going to the max, the damage seem to be dropping alot by then wich causes alot of ur overhealing, might consider prehotting more.
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    While improving your healers might help, you need to look at other things as well.

    In the log you linked the healing does seem a little low. However 4 of the first 5 people that die, die to avoidable damadge. 3 of them dying to the breath from the venom head and one dying from a 470k poison bomb hit (aka not moving at all and being near dead centre). Last death of the 5 being the hunter that got ressed by a bad ress, he wouldn't have died yet if the druid had the 100% hp ress glyph. If you make sure those things don't happen that will help a lot.

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    He is sitting at 2935 haste, he needs to get that up to 3043 in order to get to the 'usual' haste breakpoint and get extra ticks in Rejuve and Tranquility, atm running with the haste he has is a waste.

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