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    How do you read a Boomkin log

    As the raid leader, trying to help the Boomkin on my raid improve his DPS which is really behind expectations (about 55k-65k with a i493 lvel).

    I have logs from our raid encounters but no expertise in how to read them. Can you please tell me what I should look at (or link to guide that would tell me how to do that?). Thanks for a boomkin about to be benched

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    Just of the top of my head: Check Nature's Grace uptime (should be 80%+ in no movement fights), dot uptimes (should be 90%+), shooting stars procs vs. starsurge casts. Those are the most basic things.
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    keep in mind shooting stars procs vs starsurge casts should be roughly 2:1 on multidot fights

    check "buff uptimes" and click the # next to particular buffs to see how hes using his cooldowns. should pop incarnation and then 15s later use celestial alignment.

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    In additional to NG and dot uptimes,

    Check when he pops starfall in relation to when he pops Incarnation, Nature's Vigil, and Celestial Alignment.

    At the start of the fight he should be popping 3 starfalls almost back to back. A few seconds in NV + Inc should be up, then about 15 seconds in he follows that with a CA. (Also during that time he should be popping on-use trinket or engineering tinker.)

    During rest of the time when he pops NV+Inc, there should be a starfall somewhere in there, followed by a CA about 15 seconds in and another starfall somewhere in there.

    Prob easier to post the log for others to analyze.

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    Also bear in mind he may not use NV atall, as on multi target fights (and single target fights without a damage multiplier) HOTW is better.

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    Check the dps and if he heals Check Nature's Grace

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