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    5.2 Solace Question

    Does Glyph of Smite only work with Holy Fire on the target? Or does it also apply to Solace?

    Also, does Solace add stacks for Archangel?

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    For disc it is basically Holy Fire with different animation and giving mana instead of consuming it. So yes it interacts the same way with glyphs and talents. (As stated in the talent description if I'm not mistaken.)

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    are u sure with this? cus i test it and seems i'm doing same dmg with or without glyph

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    Last time I checked it worked. Just try to smite without Solace on the target and then try after casting Solace. It's a 20% increase for me.
    As for the stacks - no. Solace doesn't do that.

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    It does add stacks of evangelism.

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