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    Once, really, I stopped logging back in in TBC at some point. I was still pretty much a noob to the game, wasn't in any guild, didn't have any social ties to keep me playing, so when I got burned out (not just in game, but IRL as well) I just stopped logging on and spent the better part of 2 years doing other stuff. Came back late Wrath and haven't looked back, though I do have periods where I'm less active, and periods where I'm more active. Haven't had more then a day or 2 between subs for going on 3 years now though.

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    How many times did I pick it back up? Zero.
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    I quit raiding when swtor came out. I was sooo hopeful that swtor would be better than wow, but I was wrong and came back to wow 5 months later
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    Well... i have never quited because i wanted to, well i should say i stopped playing... because:

    a) My computer broke
    b) got another computer but is to shitty so i can only do quests and dungeons, if i do something else my computer shut down
    c) Had to many things to do (work and college) and i was trying to go out more with my friends, so i had no time to play

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    None, I have taken break however but I knew I would play again later. I usually start playing when there is a new expansion or a nice major patch.

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    Only once, Really... lasted about 3 months, and then 5.2 came out

    I've had another 3 month break though... but that was because i went sailing for 3 months. doesen't count.

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    I have never cancelled my sub.
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    I "quit" (would call it more taking a break) once for a year during mid-wrath. Moved to the other side of the world and did traveling with my partner - just no time or access to a good computer to play.

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    Never actually. I've had an active subscription since January of '05. I have yet to feel like I don't get my fill of money either, nothing has deeply annoyed me besides the non-sense of a guild breaking up or anything of that sort.

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    Never, my account has been current for 8 years now.

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    Started playing end of vanilla. I would say top of my head that BC came out 3-4 months after that, had no idea it was even coming.

    04/2007 - 60 days card added. Still level 30 or so end of this. Didnt really intent to "quit" but I just never renewed.
    Since it was 3 months after BC released I had no idea whole xpack was out. There was no adverts on launcher anymore after 3 months had passed and back then they didnt really go wild with BUY NOW TO UNLOCK STUFF. I just focused on my own leveling.

    I didnt bother buying those gamecards anymore. I just always went "meeeh" at store when I saw one.

    I decided to get BC in 05/2008 and came back - Sunwell has been out 2 months now it would appear. Still had no idea about that. Leveled to 70, started to pvp. Almost quit because pvp was frustrating as warlock (bgs that is, damn rogues man) - got invited to PuG kara and started to pug raid since. Went thro kara - zul'aman and all between.

    After that I played till Dragon souls non-stop. Awesome stories here. Got guild and all that in ulduar. Very amazing group of people.

    T11 beams guild like Cho'gall, Fireland burns guild (no pun intended), Dragon souls finally breaks guild and 90% of them quit - me included.

    1.1.2012 quit "for good".
    But wait, everyone said MoP is best expansion yet! Most fun they ever had! They even needed ranged dps to get guild back!? Cave in, went back on 5.1.2013.
    So year dry. Had few months on swtor and GW2 - but those were not fun either to me.

    1 month later I realized it wasnt going to work out and whoever said its most fun they ever had must have been enjoying dailies and "easy" 5mans a lot - because I sure know they weren't actively raiding other than lfr. I guess..thats what they wanted then.

    Now just giving up with MMO's in general really. Maybe elder-... naah
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    twiice. first was late summer 2006, we was progressing/stuck on 4hm and i felt rly burned out raiding 35hours a week for the entire summer.. (every fkn day..) so i quited.
    two months later i started playing again, in a less hardcore guild who just had started progressing in naxx, so i endend up progrssing throu the same damn bosses up to 4hm again lol^^

    2nd time i quit was in februari 2012, about a week after our hc madness kill i quit the game and started playing swtor instead for a fiew months. got back into the game when mop was nearing.

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    I quit about 4 or 5 times, most recently right before Mists (just out of boredom not hate towards the expac) and started playing guild wars 2 (dear god it's so hard to get into that game) i find myself missing on features like dungeon finder ect just because i only get a few hours to play at the most and waiting for groups Vanilla/BC style is too much for me now that i'm not a high school kid anymore.

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    Twice. Near the end of BC, and last week. Might come back later or next expansion to take a look at things, but I doubt I'll ever play the game seriously again.
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    On my second time. Quit once in the middle of Cat for 6 months out of boredom, and then came back when there was enough content built up to keep me busy. Quit a couple weeks ago for basically the same reason. I may come back eventually, but I'm generally not real happy with the direction the game is taking so who knows. Especially not happy with their attempts at arbitrarily trying the lengthen content by gating it, and the focus on repetitive dailies to keep people busy.

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    I've taken some pretty long breaks 3 times.
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    Once, sort of (because I still play).

    At the end of TBC era I had decided to not buy WotLK, partly due to RL getting busy. Came back to play casually at around the end of Ulduar, and have been subscribed since then.

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    0, zero, nada.

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    I quit once.... a year ago
    Played everything through Cata...

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