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    Played a bit in vanilla but was a terrible player.
    Came back in mid BC and raided all the way until we cleared naxx in wrath. Took a few months off and came back for the beginning of TOC. PLayed until we killed LK and too another break until Cata. Cleared t11, took another break till mid firelands, kill rag and quit until mop. So far playeda ll of MOP.

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    Usually quitting before the end of a expansion.
    Didn't between vanilla and tBC, though, but otherwise i have.
    Usually not so much to do there, so i don't see much reason to stay. I know i return when there comes a new expansion, so i guess it's just what you could call breaks.
    Long breaks at times..
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    Left once during Pre-Cata events. Never looked back.

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    2 weeks ago.

    got bored of being stuck to a schedule in a game. so went casual.
    casual is boring. so i quit.

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    Twice, last summer in wait of MoP and soon after last christmas in wait of 5.2

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    Never; I did take a break from playing for a couple of weeks back in classic when a patch made the game unplayable. But my subscription remained active

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    twice, once because of financial reasons and school.
    the other (now) because there are more interesting games to play,(sc2 and d3)
    still keeping tabs on whats happening by reading and posting on forums.

    while i wouldn't say /quit/ its more like a break, planned or not.

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    Took a month or two off at the end of LK, as we weren't raiding anymore after some heroic ICC kills.

    "Quit" for DS - did LFR, killed Deathwing, then pretty much gave it up that December. Played TOR, finished school, and just couldn't care about alts or anything. Started back up with Pandaria and while I'm not as dedicated as I was, I tend to have a bit more fun with it now, so I guess it works out.

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    never quit - since april 2006

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    I've quit only once so far. I started when wraith of the lich king was just released and it was actually the first mmorpg I had ever played. I stopped in 2009 with a fully geared hunter, then picked it back up again after mists came out. Now I'm a semi geared panda haha.

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    3 times before MoP. One time in WOTLK, 2 times in Cata. And probably 4 times in MoP. This really is not my expansion

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    I've been playing Wow since TBC and I was basically playing all the way to ToC. But after raiding Ulduar, which was one of the greatest raiding experiences ever for me ToC was such a disappointment that I quit shortly after the release of that patch. I came back with the release of ICC and kept playing till about 2 months into MoP. I didn't enjoy the direction the game was going into, and was tired of the daily grind which I felt at that point obligated to do.. ^^". I think the regular raiding schedules got too much for me as well, as I felt just a bit burned out with the game. Shortly afterwards our GM told us that our 25 man raiding team would be disbanded. I left the guild and pretty much quit WoW at the same day. I haven't returned ever since. Sometimes I think about returning but I'm a bit worried that the game would take away too much of my free time again.
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    I raided pretty hardcore back in Wrath 5+ nights a week, then Cata came out and I was no longer in college so I didn't have the time to commit to raiding so I lost a lot of interest in the game as I hate questing and what not. I quit at End of T11 until middle of T12 then raided until about May when D3 released and quit until MOP release been thinking about doing the same again. I have however never once cancelled my sub through all of this. I now am quite casual and only really enjoy rare pet farming not so much the battles but capturing the pets, loved doing this in Pokemon. I also enjoy LFR quite a bit and doing dungeons when they are new.

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    Since I started in March, 2006:

    Quit December 2006, after my account was hacked and Blizzard was unable to return my hard earned T1 and T2 pieces. Also, any pants. Naked gnomes are scary.

    Returned June, 2007. Quit July, 2009.

    Returned May, 2010. Quit June, 2011.

    I follow the game still (obviously) but don't feel the need to play it further.
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    behind you O.o
    You should have a poll at the beginning of the thread.

    As for me, I started May, 2005 and played continuously ever since (except for a couple hospital stays) and have never quit.

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    Let's see...

    2 times in BC; first about a year after it was out due to a RL situation, second about 4 months after returning due to my guild falling apart. Said guild would rebuild on another server just in time for Wrath.

    Did not quit the entire duration of Wrath.

    Cataclysm...ugh. Think I quit 3 different times during Cata. Came back once due to some friends wanting to do RBGs, then later to do the last bit of raiding...then again when said last bit of raiding (DS) bored me to tears. Didn't come back for 6 months (GW2 was part of that 6 months, lol).

    Heh, thread could almost be renamed to "How many times did you quit during Cata?". Lulz

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    Quit jun 09

    Start Aug '10 and still here but casual.

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    I quit early Cata, maybe a few weeks before the Firelands patch hit, intending to never play again. As it turned out, I lasted a bit over a year.

    Shortly after MoP came out, I watched Kevin VanOrd at GameSpot play some of the new content on a livestream and was tempted. The following day, while visiting a friend, I watched him quest in Jade Forest. After that, I couldn't help myself - I HAD to play again. I asked another friend to send me a scroll, subbed shortly after, and I haven't looked back since. I'm enjoying this game now about as much as I did during late TBC/early Wrath. Unfortunately I'm on a rather dead server and I've been procrastinating on the plan to transfer for a while now. I don't spend as much time online per week as I used to, but for the most part I'm having fun. I don't care that I missed all of Firelands and Dragon Soul. Playing at my own pace without worrying about raiding and guild drama anymore, is nice.

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    probably like 6 times...during vanilla, twice during TBC, during Ulduar, month after Cata launch and about 1,5 month ago

    game's still good but I was raiding with either slackers or elitist jerks since MoP launch and they got on my nerves badly, so I took a break. It's been quite some time since I actually "quit" the game, nowadays I just take a break because I know I'll be back sooner or later

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