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    I've quit only once. This was back during the first months of wrath. Real life got into the way of playing and I was playing very little during that time. Then I got hacked and decided to quit then. I didn't really follow wow stuff after that. I came back when patch 4.0 came because I saw a news article about it and decided to give it a go, on a new account tho.
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    I've taken a 2-5 month break 4 times, once at the pre-patch shit at the end of wotlk, at the beginning of cata, at the end of cata and from the beginning of mop until 5.2. I've always been sure that I'll return though, so I wouldn't say that I've "quit", I've just taken a break.

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    Now? Once. being unable to get my heirlooms back from losing them in the mail sucked and killed off one of the things I greatly enjoyed. You don't simply get 2 full sets of heirlooms, and the ways to get some of them are too long and drawn out to make it worth playing for. Will I be back in the future? /shrug

    Still keep tabs on major changes and kinda cringe at seeing the bit about green fire finally making it into the game. Only waited how many years for it...

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    I took time off of wow to play SWTOR. The timeframe was late-ish Cataclysm. I came back around a month or so after MoP was released.
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    I haver never quit and have no plans on doing so
    Played since release and still going strong!
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    quit once, which was a bit before pandaria released. I've only looked at mop with a 10 day trial, which I stopped using on day 4, because it got boring.

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    Twice and the second time was permanent.

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    I never "quit", I just decide I'm bored of the game and stop playing, but I don't swear it off or anything, and usually still had my subscription going anyway. (the 13/month doesn't bother me)
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    Once. I played from Classic through the beginning of Cataclysm. At that point our guild had lost a few players to real life and we didn't have enough for a full raid team. We thought about recruiting, but we were such a tight-knit group that we wanted to get someone who was already friends with some of our members. Unfortunately, since cross-server everything you meet new people that you can actually add to a friends list and guild less and less. None of us really knew anyone outside of our guild that was still playing.

    I'm coming back now because I don't have as much time as I used to with which to play games and this game as a ton more stuff to do casually than most other games.

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    Left twice during Vanilla, was mostly absent during TBC, quit a few weeks after Ulduar got released and after ICC had been out for a while during WotLK, and then quit a month or two before Firelands was out during Cataclysm. Still have not played MoP, but I am planning to when I have the time and money for it.

    Most of the time I have quit because I could not really afford playing it at that time (does not mean I don't have any money, but I am very careful with my economy), but I also had times when I had problems in getting involved in the end game enough to actually enjoy playing it like I wanted to. If I feel like I can not find like minded people to play with, I just lose interest like in any multiplayer game. Plus, I have always been playing in waves and at my own pace since I know that rushing it or playing too long will just make me sick of any game, regardless of how good it is.

    So yeah, I do know pretty well what I want, when I want it, and how much of it I can endure before getting tired of it all.

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    Quit only once... I've taken month breaks, but I never said I'm done with WoW... got fed up and just took a break... but after cataclysm, I full on quit. I was barely playing during cataclysm too... I would log on and run around bored out of my mind... PvP was downhill and the quality wasn't going to be what it used to be... Because of school, I couldn't participate in end game raiding or atleast hardcore raiding, So i figured it wasn't worth trying to play... so I quit. Haven't gone back, nor do I believe I want to... every now and then I get the urge to just play for a day and raid... but that's the only aspect that's worth playing in WoW... the combat in WoW is so smooth and light years ahead of any other MMO... if everything else wasn't in the gutter, I'd so come back... Titan needs to hurry.

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    Twice. First time was mid-TBC. My guild at the time fell apart due to being incapable of getting out of tier 4/early tier 5, thanks to poaching. I got depressed and cancelled my account, only coming back after the pre-Wrath patch was released.

    Second time was because the next guild fell apart in late Wrath. A lot of the higher-ups went to Age of Conan, and I followed. That lasted about a week. I came back to WoW, found a new guild and have been with them from ICC through the present day. Except for a brief period at the start of Cata when the previous guild looked like it was reforming, so I went back to help them (I had been an officer with them, I felt it was my duty), except they were beyond help, which resulted in me effectively missing tier 11 and crawling back to the ICC guild once they all just stopped logging on again.

    I had also stopped playing for a brief spell due to schoolwork in late Vanilla, but I didn't cancel my account for that.

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    I've only 'quit' twice. I've stopped playing numerous times though.

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    Only once since launch, probably 2-3 months post-Wrath of the Lich King.

    Somehow kept an open schedule to raid for these 8 years :P

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    None. I've considered taking a break a few times because I've felt burnt out, and I don't want playing the game too much to ruin my experience, along with the game itself.
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    None. I don't take the game so seriously that little changes make me want to rage/quit.

    If I burnout, I take a break for a couple days and then come back.
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    Somehow kept an open schedule to raid for these 8 years :P
    Same, and I still have a lively social life, too.

    It's weird.
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    I've never "quit" per se, but during my pregnancy, I wasn't really able to raid. I was too uncomfortable and in too much back pain most of the time to focus. Ugh.

    I have thought about quitting a few times for a little while, and I've even taken a break for a few weeks, but nothing longer than that.

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    It seems like a juvenile tantrum to me, or an overly dramatic means of demonstrating self control. When I got bored of the game for the first time, I played all day every day for about a year and a half. I noticed for a long time I was just logging in because I had the urge to log in. It was like living with my favorite food constantly all around me under my feet filling my nose with it's smell for days and weeks, and I just got sick of it. One day while killing things in Tyr's Hand I logged out and just never had the urge to log back in. There was no decision. I just forgot about the game for a few months.

    In 8 years, it tends to happen every now and then, and I make sure to stop my sub from re-billing my account until I feel like coming back.
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    I've quit 4 times now, each time For Good™.

    First was during AQ back in vanilla when my guild imploded and I was left with nothing to do, and finding a guild who raided at times I could make was nearly impossible (good old NZ time, GMT+12).

    Came back when TBC came out and my friend who got me into WoW in the first place convinced me to give it another go. Played pretty intensely, raiding with the same guild through the entire expac 4 nights a week, got incredibly unhealthy (8hrs+ of WoW each day) and eventually had to throw in the towel after clearing Mt Hyjal due to burn out.

    Picked up the game again when WotLK came out (notice a trend?) and played until just after ICC came out, raiding again, until I got burnt out again, and quit.

    The same friend dragged me back in again just after 4.3 came out, only to stop playing himself soon afater that (as was his way ), and I've been playing since then until about a few weeks ago, when my guild fell apart and I went on holiday for two weeks, and felt zero desire to play the whole time I was away. That combined with about 8/10 of the top guilds on my server moving/breaking up, and not being willing to transfer to find a new guild just to play the game (sitting online during raid time for hours trying to find a PuG who won't take anyone who isn't massively overgearing the content got old REALLY fast), led me to cancel my sub for The Last Time™.

    Nothing wrong with the game, in fact 5.2 looks really appealing, but I really only play for the social side of it (i.e. raiding with a guild), and it's just been too hard to find something that suits me in that regard, which makes it my problem.

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