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    Started about 2 months or so into Wrath, quit just before RS opened, came back for the release of Cata, hung around about 3 months, quit until September or so (a month or 2 before DS came out), stayed until February, came back in November of last year to try MoP, quit in early February again.

    None of these have been due to other games specifically, they've all been either burnout (first leave), or sheer boredom (all the others). If I play the game again, it wouldn't be till the next expansion.
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    3 times. Last played in late Nov 2012. Subbed for a month to level cooking during the Thanksgiving holiday and finish Eastern Plaguelands. Now that I've played all of the old content (every zone from 1-85), I can't bring myself to resub again. Just the idea of playing any of those zones for more than 5-10 minutes makes me want to turn off my computer and start cleaning my apartment or work out. But I can enjoy it all vicariously through MMO-Champ or WoW Insider.

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    i am think to return to the wow but i don't know
    got wife +1 and other baby on the way
    didn't find class that i am loved try most of them but Love my DK that now have dust on him
    so relay don't know
    i love the game but Real life is more import from the game

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    I've 'quit' three times, all for school. I really should do it again, but I find the lore and stuff too interesting to make it a long term thing. I suppose I could find it all via Youtube, but I do get a fair amount of inspiration from stuff that happens ingame, both personally and with guildies. The worst was when MoP released, right after school started.... Blizz.... stick to your holiday release dates please....

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    I took several breaks where i knew i would come back (before important exams, when important things in private life had to be done or simply because there wasn't anything to do in wow like in the time between dragon soul and MoP).

    Only time i really quit was during WotLK when i also sold my account and thought i would never come back... but ICC looked promising and i had time to raid so i got a new account and played again

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    Since I've only ever sub'd once to WoW (for the annual pass), quitting for me could just mean that I didn't turn around and automatically buy more time. But, as for a firm definition meaning I didn't play for weeks on end, I'd say I've quit maybe about 10 times. Simply out of boredom with the whole "what's the point?" attitude.
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    Three times, the first time was just when we finished Ulduar and Toc was released with a stunning ONE boss released each week. After going from my favorite raid to pretty much the worst raid to date I just quit.

    Few months later came back for 3.3 raided a tad but quit after we killed the Lich King since I couldnt be bothered with heroic mode raiding.

    Came back in Cata but stopped playing in 4.1 for good. Both Firelands and DS seemed a tad lackluster to me. I havent tried MoP yet but 5.2 does look like a great patch, but I just cant afford to play WoW anymore with my time schedule and cant be bothered with going casual lfr.

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    Twice. Once during mid-Cata because I was bored out of my skull and all of my friends had quit. And once during the start of MoP because I didn't have anybody to play with and I just couldn't get into it again.

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    When I started college, I gave my account to a friend-of-a-friend and I thought I was done for good. Then....I got bored about a year later, bought a new account, and started playing again. This was about half-way through TBC.

    I really wish I still had that old account. I would have all my old PvP titles, now unobtainable tabards, and all those HKs/rep that I had to work on again.

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    To date : 0
    In the next week or so : 1

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    When I played I used to take extended breaks (5 months was the longest). I never said I quit however.

    My current break is going on 2 years though.

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    Played since BC and have never quit.
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    I took a break from WoW when I wrote my bachelor project. Apart from that I have subscribed each month since the early days of WoW.

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    I'm going to say probably 5-6 times. Most of the time because I needed to find a new job and whatnot. But I quit a few weeks ago because my computer sucks! =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by superstarz View Post
    You hear it all the time on forums when people quit wow and write a post about it.
    I'm just wondering how many times have you "quit wow" and came back to play again?

    I've quit 3 times.
    I played in vanilla until my account got hacked and i stopped playing for 2 years.(which isnt quitting but i stopped playing)
    I started playing again in Wrath and quit at the end of the season due to my gf at the time getting angry with the amount i was playing.
    Came back in cataclysm got all my gear and quit again for 8months until mop came out and came back.
    Now im playing again until i feel bored and ill quit again.
    but i know if i quit ill probably come back when new expansion comes out.

    So how many times have you "quit wow"?
    and is there anybody out there who actually quit and never came back?
    Never. I've gotten close to quitting twice - once when they were pondering real-id and once when CRZ hit. But they rescinded real-id and mostly fixed CRZ, so I never actually quit.

    I *have* taken breaks, a week or two here, a month there, to play other games and generally let myself get interested in the game again.

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    My wife and I quit for a few months after our first son was born. After we began to understand that our version of "Perfect" parenting was far, far superior to most of the people we knew/know, we relaxed a little and started playing at night after the baby went to sleep.

    Played since before public launch before that, been playing ever since. Best entertainment for your dollar that the PC has when you figure up all the various costs other games would have added to the budget.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
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    i have quit wow ---

    1º i quit in vainilla before next expansion release (TBC) (i had some IRL problem and i wass "adicted" to WoW)
    2º i come back when they launched Black temple, and played till Arthas (Quit when i were at the second boss of arthas raid, due to some problem with people of my guild, and wanted to play another game)
    3º I come back when cataclysm released , played 2 months and didnt enjoy the game (got bored) only killed 10man the boss with the random dragons.
    4º I come back for pandaria, and im ready to quit again, i have little time now , and dont know what to do in-game ( im playing another game that bring me just more fun)

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    I quit just before MOP, fir the 1st time ever in 8 years. Came back recently as was curious, to see if I made the right decision. I did make the right decision. I am letting the subscription run out and will not be back.

    The game has changed, I did not. Blizz added a lot of new features, a lot of them screwed the guilds/raids/different feel. The Walmart crowd moved in.

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    4 times or so, it's good to take breaks here and there. I doubt i will come back again though the pvp in wow is just bad, and there is other games for that, the pve in wow is solid but i dont do alot of pve. Also MoP was not a good expansion for me, did not like the setting very much and the focus on dailies.

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    Quit in vanilla early on around lvl 30. Came back after 6 months and got into raiding.
    Next time was near the end of Ulduar due to personal issues. Came back right before ICC I think. But didn't raid.
    Then I quit after raiding a few months in cata. Came back around the time DS and LFR was released.
    Started out as a shaman, changed to priest in cata and now I'm a happy monk

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