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    Flask stats

    I have a question about flasks vs gem stats

    flask of the warm sun gives 1000 Int, while Brilliant primordial ruby gives 160 Int
    flask of the earth gives 1500 Stamina, while solid rivers heart gives 240 stam
    flask of falling leaves gives 1000 spirit, while sparkling rivers heart gives 320 spirit.

    anyone know why they do not follow a logical path in scaling?

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    Its following Blizzard Logic. Which when analysed looks like no logic :P

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    The spirit flask is the only one that doesn't fit really, it's just notoriously underbudget. That's the same reason an informed healer will tend to shy away from using a spirit flask unless they absolutely need it to get the amount of regen they need.

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    that's why you gem/reforge for spirit if you need more. don't ever flask it

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