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    Heroic Scenarios

    Just curious about them, will they be as challenge mode dungeons?, your thoughts?

    I think they will be like the ones we have now, but the abilities will pretty much one shoot you and the boss may have an enrage timer with a much bigger health

    Something like brawler`s guild but for 3 players

    Maybe a nice add?

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    Heroic scenarios will be like heroic dungeons.Slightly less faceroll than normal.

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    I imagine you'd need a tank and healer now, perhaps? .. Or atleast one of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasc View Post
    I imagine you'd need a tank and healer now, perhaps? .. Or atleast one of them!
    To be honest, I hope not. They might as well just extend it to 5-man and turn it into a dungeon if they're gonna start having mandatory roles.
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    Well they appear that they will need more co-ordination from a non-pug group, but who knows. I personally don't see the point in them, but it would make them worth doing more so from a raiders perspective. So as a wild guess: tank, healer and a dps.
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    There is no way they have required roles. Dungeon queues are long enough and that is 1 healer per 3 dps and 1 tank per 3 dps. A queue for a 3 person scenario with a required tank and healer (or even if it was just a tank or a healer with 2 dps) would just be abysmal for dps. It also defeats the entire point of a scenario because you can't just do it with whoever.

    All it is probably going to be is that those stupid attacks I just stand in right now because I don't care and those packs I pull multiple of at a time because they are a joke (and I'm a rogue, not a tank) will actually do enough damage to be threatening.

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    After seeing the current scenarios this seems like a big waste and another way to get ppl to skip the system they have in place now. You can easily solo pretty much all of the scenarios no unless 2 things have to be done at once like the monkey beach one. Even then I am sure you could figure it out. Blizzard seems more and more lost on the type of content they want to give the player base and as a result we are getting muddled junk. Dungeons are horrible now, challenge modes offer little challenge and once you get your gold there is no reason to go back. Raids are not nearly as fun as they have been in the past now they just hide poor design with bosses doing several things and tons of spell graphics/animation and last but not least LFR has sucked the desire to do normal or heroic raiding from so many that the raiding player base is rapidly dying off. Heroic scenarios are going to be yet another blunder that very few play and even less enjoy.

    Adding more game models where you don't need a tank or healer and certainly not both just pushes more and more players from filling those roles. People wonder why we have so few tanks or healers and Blizzard keeps adding stuff like this. They have watered down healer and tank usefulness in pvp now they are doing it in pve, no wonder dps have such long queue times.
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