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    Demonic Gateway Despawning

    I'm not sure if I missed something in the patch notes, but Gateway seems to be despawning if I run ~100 yards from either end of it. Obviously wasn't the case last tier (Ta'yak, for the SECOND half of the run, for example, but also on Empress and other fights)... but tonight on Iron Qon, both my portal, and that of the other warlock, were vanishing (despawning, far end first) if we moved too close to the boss's spawn area (~100y from portal exit). We were completely baffled until we saw the TIME at which they despawned (finally, once out of combat rather than in).

    Was this an intended mechanic I should've known about, something that was unintentionally changed, a bug specific to Iron Qon, or am I just going crazy? It only contributed to 1 wipe when 2 healers got tornado'd (so spoiled, those healers, right? I'M SO SORRY PLEASE KEEP HEALING ME) in the second phase, but I'd really like to know its new limitations, so I can plan around them better.
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    don't think it's ranged based rather than a bug with the room or an intended mechanic as part of the fight. we got round it by dropping the portals after the fight started - in that period of downtime (mechanics wise) before the tornadoes
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    There has been no word on whether it's intended or not. And it's bloody annoying.
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    It was an early undocumented change on the PTR, previously there was no range restriction.

    You can counter it on Iron Qon by just standing out of pre-cast range of the boss. Going any further seems to de-spawn it.

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    In 5.0 the gateway used the same system as Shaman totems but in 5.1 it was changed to a new system. It has now been reverted to the totem system.... and I dont think a bug can do that.

    It must have been intentional...

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    There's been a lot of trouble with despawning portals lately, not just the range issues. There was a whole period where it despawned on Kanrethad as well. Whatever is going on with it has not been explained at least, so hopefully we can get an explaining tweet or blue post somewhere soon. Something changed, and we need to know what so we can know how we can use our level 87 final new class ability. It's a bit absurd we've not been informed about changes made to it.

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    hope its a bug tbh happend to me 2-3times now hope we get some feed back about it soon

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    Very disappointed with Demonic Gateway overall, I was really looking forward to using it pre-MoP but it turns out to be too buggy and unreliable to be really useful. I worked alright for me for a few weeks but other than that it has despawned after 20 seconds, or it has said I can't use the Gateway yet even though it has 5 stacks and I have no debuff etc etc etc.. very annoying and has cost me a few arena games :/.
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    Not a warlock, but I have seen this happen to our lock last night on bladelord.
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    Still broken. Have you all reported this yet? I did a couple times already.

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    I asked GC on Twitter earlier if it was a known issue.
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    Well it's good to know I wasn't just forgetting to put them down and remembering having done so (i.e. losing my mind). Thanks folks; bug report from me is in, at least, and hopefully we'll, uh, learn something, sometime.

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    I've had the same issue as well as my brother's alt. I noticed this on Vizier, Blade Lord, Sha of Fear, Ji-Kun and Iron Qon. The HoF fights was in LFR, the ToT ones in normal. Especially on Iron Qon where we based a part of our tactic on it this was especially annoying.

    It seems to despawn at the start of combat. Casting after combat starts seems to let the Gateway stay around (but after a wipe, rez and new try it will despawn on the combat start of the new try).

    Will make a ticket as well.
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    i noticed several randomly despawning gates as well.
    really annoying while farming, and i usually do not go much further than 20-30 yards away from the gates (O.K. sometimes 40y if i run between both of them)

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    So the Gateway's will despawn if you out range them, similar to Banners of Cooperation?

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    No, they won't.
    It was a bug in 5.0 that gateways despawned that got fixed and recently came back and got hotfixed again.

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