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    [H] <Elitist> [Nathrezim-US-10m] // LF DPS & Heals

    <Elitist> is looking for a good DPS!!

    Our needs consist of raid-experienced DPS. Specifically:
    DK (DPS)
    Druid (boomkin)

    We are open to exceptional players. If you feel you'd be a good fit, please apply.

    • 5/12 N ToT (as of 3.18.13)
    • MV 6/6 (H)
    • HoF 6/6 (N)
    • ToES 4/4 (N)

    Raid Time
    Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8 PM - 11 PM MST (10 PM - 1 AM EST, 7 PM - 10 PM PST)

    • Suicide kings
    • loot council may be used for OS gear

    A fun, tight knit, no-drama collection of grown folks who enjoy killing monsters while wearing nothing but our undies. Contrary to our name, we're not actually elitist snobs. We're a pretty laid back bunch that simply strives to enjoy the raiding aspect of WoW to the fullest. When it's raid night, it's go time! The core of our group has been raiding together at least two and a half years. We have raiders who've been with the guild over five years.

    Our approach to raiding is casual in the sense that we are always respectful of our members and their time. We understand if people occasionally have to miss raids due to RL obligations. Furthermore, you won't find crazy vent rage here. We never resort to insults or obscene language as a means of correcting mistakes. We do, however, openly discuss errors and ways to improve.

    An experienced raider with the following attributes:
    • a team player who is reliable, mature, and has a good attitude
    • good attendance
    • knows his or her class and how to make the most of it
    • MoP experience preferred with at least a 495 ilvl
    • have vent and a mic

    This opening is for someone who wants to be a regular raider. You will not ride the bench. We rotate people through progression. To keep it fair, we do this by first asking for volunteers, then in case no one offers to sit, we'll /roll for a switch.

    Further Details
    Aside from raiding, especially lately, we've been rolling through CMs (9/9 gold with a region rank 54 [as of 3.15.13] for Shado-Pan Monastery) and doing a bit of PVP (arena and bgs). Be aware though, Nathrezim is a low population PVP server. So, if you're from a big place like Kil'jaeden or Illidan, this is a bit different.

    Please fill out an application COMPLETELY at our site - http://elitist.guildlaunch.com. We very much appreciate when people take the time to be thorough.

    If there's a general issue I didn't cover, please leave a response here. Also feel free to whisper me in game @ FayeFaye#1819.

    If you managed to read through all that, thank you much! And look forward to your app!
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