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    Had a pitstop as alliance in Wrath and played a male human.
    The male human belt.... nightmares.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Let's keep this on track. This has nothing to do with breasts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    Dude we are a world leader in refugee intake. You need to get your facts straight.

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    Running animation could be petter (sprint and walking in really nice on other hand) and textures updated, but other than that im fine with them? Like i don't really stare all day on my character that i happen to play and because of this i dont really give a flying fk w/e their mouth look bad or their body is low poly.

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    i used to play one, till i couldnt stand it anymore. i like their casting & melee animations, and they look good in plate. but everything else is pretty bad.

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    Their sharp edges scare me....

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    You can guarantee that if Blizzard change them, there will be the unholy mother of all forum dramas

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    They look ridiculous for a game in 2013.

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