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    Spending Honor Points after Gearing Full Malv?

    I just finished getting full malevolent gear (all pieces, including weapon and trinkets) on my character. My question then, is what do I do with Honor points now? I'm about to hit the 4K cap soon and don't know how to spend/use the Honor since there's no gear I can buy to upgrade at this point.

    Any advice or suggestions appreciated.


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    Well you could buy heirlooms or start grinding honor on alts

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    Brutal Gladiator's Mutilator. 16g 5s. 105 honor. Thats what you do. It's how I make all my gold now.
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    I buy stupid stuff like mounts or tabards but Korgoth idea seems more reasonable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    Brutal Gladiator's Mutilator. 16g 5s. 105 honor. Thats what you do. It's how I make all my gold now.
    Also doing this wondering why they don't just implement a baseline gold reward for honor gained above the cap. Would save the hassle.

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    If you PVP on an enchanter use the honor to buy the malev rings that cost 1250 honor. you can disenchant them into a sha crystal that usually sells for 500g on the AH EASILY. On my server I sell them for 450g, and no joke immediately after I posted on about 30 minutes ago it sold about 4 seconds after. and I'm on moonguard.

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    Buy more malevant gear if you have different type of off-specs (healer, ranged, melee etc). Or buy BiS gear for certain specs. Like how frost dks primarily use haste in pvp, while unholy prefers using more mastery.

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