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    [H] <Misanthropy> 10man (Weekend Guild) - Heroic ToT [Mage, Ele, Disc]

    Misanthropy is a weekend raiding guild created to suit people that cannot raid hardcore anymore, but still want to be part of that with just bit less effort being putted into it. Our goals are to be one of top guild on our realm and go thru content as smoothly as possible while having fun along the way.

    Lately we changed realm to Chamber of Aspect due to really low population (Bronze Dragonflight) on our previous one where we achieved high rank (realm 3rd, horde 1st).

    Our current aim is to clear as much as possible in Throne of Thunder without getting too hardcore so our jobs, family and kids won't suffer because of it too much.

    Our raiding days are:
    Friday - 20:30 ~ 24:00
    Saturday - 19:30 ~ 23:30
    Sunday - 19:30 ~ 23:30

    What we can offer you?
    Strong and capable leadership
    Stable and long living guild
    Only 3 days of raiding while progressing, less on farm
    Mature and emotional stable people

    5.1 progression:
    6/6 HC MSV
    6/6 HC HoF
    4/4 ToES

    5.2 ToT progression:


    Feral/Guardian Druid
    Range DPS excl. Warlock/Hunter

    Our guild recruitment is always open to any exceptional applications even if your class is not listed here!

    What we expect from you?
    High attendance
    Being able to speak on Ventrillo
    To behave as it's not a playground for kids
    Being prepared for raids with knowledge about encounters
    Loot drama won't be tolerated

    Our website which contains all additional information:

    Our wow armory link:

    If you are willing to have a chat before applying, don't hesitate and find us online (or thru battletag: rejv#2929) :
    - Ysea
    - Erwaiy

    Thanks for reading till the end.
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    Still recruiting bump for heroic progress ^^

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    Bumpty bump where's the shaman's and the good looking priests ^^

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    Still recruiting

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    Disco and shaman still high on demand

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    Still looking for a disc or resto/ele shaman

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    Still recruiting disc or resto/ele shaman

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    BUMP for tha Shaman and a Melee

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    Bump for 12/12, bring on heroics

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    probably not the same Misanthropy that was on Chromaggus server?

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    Dont know only know Misanthropy from Bronze Dragonflight

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    Bump for some fuzzy feral

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    Bump for recruits

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    Still in need of a Feral druid with tank offspec

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