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    TP Flipping markets list by markco

    On his blog today (guild wars 2 trading post) Markco, whom a good chunk of us know is a ah/trading post machine, posted a list of 50 items which fairly consistently offer profitable flipping opportunities.

    I'm still new, so can't post links apparently. his blog is guild wars 2 trading post.

    Here's the list for reference. Mind you a lot of people will be trying these in the next little while, so give it a shot but don't get discouraged if things don't work out immediately. It's a good list to come back to for reference.

    1. Bay Leaf
    2. Cherry Pie Filling
    3. Ball of Dough
    4. Shimmering Dust
    5. Blackberry
    6. Orange
    7. Bone Chip
    8. Tiny Venom Sac
    9. Large Skull
    10. Blueberry
    11. Head of Garlic
    12. Vial of Blood
    13. Bone Shard
    14. Potato
    15. Raspberry
    16. Strawberry
    17. Grape
    18. Small Fang
    19. Blood Dye
    20. Mini Yaotl the Fierce
    21. Silk Helm Strap
    22. Unidentified Dye
    23. Seasoned Wood Log
    24. Minor Rune of Altruism
    25. Mighty Chain Legs
    26. Thick Cloth Gloves
    27. Mighty Seeker Gloves
    28. Mighty Amulet
    29. Mighty Ring
    30. Garnet Copper Stud of Might
    31. Pearl
    32. Adorned Snowflake
    33. Minor Sigil of Generosity
    34. Yam
    35. Mithril Shield Backing
    36. Coriander Seed
    37. Bowl of Tarragon Cream Sauce
    38. Jute Tunic Panel
    39. Orrian Truffle
    40. Chocolate Bar
    41. Giver's Embroidered Silk Insignia
    42. Apothecary's Intricate Silk Insignia
    43. Carrion Intricate Linen Insignia
    44. Norn Sword
    45. Snow Truffle
    46. Passion Fruit
    47. Bowl of Chocolate Omnomberry Frosting
    48. Tarragon Leaves
    49. Spinach Leaf
    50. Sesame Seed

    best of luck!

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    I'm not willing to sell my large skulls, they can be crafted into a cool axe, plus they only cost 3s and it takes awhile to get them
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    And his other post later on:

    Market Fallout After Epic Post

    Yesterday I posted 50 Easy Items to Flip, which caused massive unrest amongst all 50 markets.

    Before I get into how these items have moved in the past 24 hours, let me just say thank you to all the people I found who linked to that article.

    Guild Wars 2 Forum
    MMO Champion

    Some of the 50 items have already seen increases of 20 copper for minimum buy orders. Anyone who got in on these early will have some fast and easy gold from those markets. These are all the people jumping on the bandwagon attempting to make a quick gold.

    It is best to ride the current storm that we've created and be wary that the buy order price will eventually go back down (in most of the 50 cases). Keep in mind that thousands of people have been made aware of these killer flipping markets. So it may take a week or two for interest to die down and for maximum profit to return. That being said, in may cases you will still be able to turn a profit off whatever items you manage to acquire (if you're late to the party).

    Don't be discouraged if some of the markets have become unprofitable. By Friday their price will rise enough to at least make something for your efforts. And by next weekend the difference between highest buy order and lowest sale order will hopefully be relatively normal.

    Depending on how far along you are in the flipping process, your strategy will be different:

    1. You bought early and fast, placing buy orders as soon as you were aware of this post (forum goers had a week long heads up to prepare).

    If that's the case, then you're going to want to continue holding on to your items until their buy order prices will earn you a profit. At that point, feel free to sell most of your stock to people who are placing buy orders. If you want to use the selling price and undercut by a copper, I would wait another week.

    2. You bought late or are buying today.

    Place your buy orders at the current highest amount. Don't overcut. Then, on Friday and Saturday of this week attempt to make back a small profit. Anything that doesn't sell can be sold next week. Avoid placing too many buy orders on items that are already close to the lowest sell order.

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