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    [Elvui] Specific bind each spec.

    Hey hey,

    Is there an addon that allowes me to save my resto keybind, and my moonkin keybind.
    90% of of my keybind are now directly from my spellbook/macro menu.

    Or maybe macroable like:
    if in Moonkin
    /cast Moonfire
    if no form
    /cast lifebloom
    Thanks in advance,
    Resto druid @ Shadowsong EU

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    You can macro spells based on your current shapeshift form. I don't know what form number moonkin form is, but it should be easy to google or experiment.
    /cast [form:3] Moonfire; [noform] Lifebloom

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    Thank you so mutch... i worked!!
    Resto druid @ Shadowsong EU

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    If you're hurting for macro space, you could also use ActionBarSaver to save and restore your sets of keybinds for different specs:


    It's not "up to date" in the sense you'll have to check the "load out of date addons" checkbox in the addon menu, but it works just fine.

    Druid / Demon Hunter SimulationCraft Maintainer

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    Both does not seem to work. Was able to test it in a raid.

    the macro woogs linked, cant make it mouseover...

    the addon Aggixx linked, doest seem to save keybind in my macro menu. Seems like i need to run with BT aswell to get that one sorted. Elvui has just to little bars for it

    Thanks for the help
    Resto druid @ Shadowsong EU

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    In what way does the macro not work with mouseover? Try something like this:
    /use [form:3,@mouseover,harm,nodead][form:3] Moonfire; [noform,@mouseover,help,nodead][noform] Lifebloom

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