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    Jewelcrafting Shuffle with Ghost Iron Ore

    Hi guys, since patch 5.2 came out I wasn't really putting effort in getting money.
    Now I decided I want to go back to play with my professions when I see that the ghost iron ore cost's 40g a stack, when last patch it was 20g, I know the reason for the price to gain.. but is it worth shuffling again with enchanting and transmute etc..?
    P.S. The gems are 50g each, which is kind of a good price. (Horde Stormscale EU)

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    I don't know the exact statistics, but I would say that's definitely worth shuffling. 1 blue quality gem per stack isn't exactly unheard of and sometimes you can multiple. 1 gem would break even, and thats before the jewelery etc.

    I haven't done the JC shuffle much, mostly dealing with herbs this expansion but to me it seems worthwhile.

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    Depends on server as the other missing factors are the level of competition and demand. Try it with 100 stacks and then see. You always need to respond to the market. You only make gold when you make sales.

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