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    Boost a Boomkin - logs

    Put a post up in the hunter forum and got good feedback so will try here for our boomkin. We are a 10 man guild needing a dps boost:

    I live on forums, my guys not so much but they are open to feedback, he will read this post.

    Please offer suggestions:


    Jin'Rohk Kill:


    Horridon Kill:


    Council wipe because Sul didn't die in time:


    So any boomkin specific suggestions, gearing, gemming, reforging, cd usage, rotation are welcome.

    So far we did get this:

    tell your moonkin to replace the hybrid gems in all his prismatic sockets to straight crit.. and haste is still better than mastery even after the breakpoint, so reforge accordingly.. dunnu why he's not using any tier pieces, unless he main swapped this tier or didn't raid at all last tier or something.. then it's fine.. His nature's grace uptime is abysmal.. Needs to manage his eclipses better.. On all the fights his discrepancy between the amount of shooting star procs he gets and the total starsurges he uses is too wide.. Granted on some cases the proc overwrites itself but you still need to minimize that by using it ASAP.. Maybe he's still under cata mindset of eclipse camping.. but he shouldn't do that unless there is a period of high sustained aoe potential.. like windlord.. then you'd camp solar and spam hurricane.. but other cases with multi target, like horridon and council, he should pop hurricane only when all adds are high hp and clumped up together.. with atleast 5+ targets.. with lower and mobile targets, start multi dotting and use starsurge on cd.. Also, only use Nature's Vigil (talent) on fights with temporary dmg modifiers like jinrokh.. all others (especially multi target) use Heart of the Wild.. It is better now.. NV got nerfed.

    I don't know what rotation he follows for the opener or when he refreshes dots etc.. His uptime on dots on horridon (multi target) was ~70%.. and ~92-94% on jinrokh (single target).. so uptime on horridon needs to go up for sure.. And it seems like he's prematurely clipping dots on jinrokh.. can't be certain.. but if he is, he probably is overwriting a more powerful dot with a weaker one.. which is a big dps loss.. needs to watch his procs/buffs etc with addons and refresh them only when he gets more buffs than the previous dot.. otherwise let it run it's duration and refresh at 1 second left.
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    Thanks, fixed

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    Only have time on Jinrokh,

    34 Shooting Stars Procs
    27 used

    He is using Incarnation and Celestial at the same time (seems the first dps cd clipped around half way into lunar?), he should be using Incarnation during at the start of lunar (with natures grace) and then when theres 14secs pop CA, looking @ the time when he gains lunar/solar, theres a huge time gap between the first solar (which he used inc/ca ...
    Gaps like 30secs after CA ending and not reaching solar hurts our dps..... a lot. even with movement to the pools/stacking for thunderstorm it should be better

    Hopefully im not mistaking anything ^^

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    I know this isn't 100% on topic, but Sul didn't die in time because of low DPS. My guild comfortably kills Sul with 30k less rDPS (compared just the first 210 secs of each fight). It's because you're ignoring the Blessed Loa Spirits and giving away 60k rDPS to healing.

    15 million healing!

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    Theres plenty of opener helpers out there but atm with current gear levels and even in the start of the expac just cast Inc at the start of lunar then dot/starfall and spam SS and starfire until you reach 0 lunar energy then pop CA, unless you've had to move or some emergency has come up in the raid this timing should work out fine. If you find that you constantly pop INC then something happens you need to time it better whether you hold off for a moment out of eclpise before popping it but a major chunk of the dps comes from alligning those cooldowns well. PS use all SS procs, sometimes you can get 2 in quick succession but you ideally want to everytime it comes up cast is that GCD or the next
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    Your gear seems fine now, your gemming is fine etc. Only way you can lose dps after that is sorted is just bad positioning. Use your abilities to ensure you move as little as possible. And ofcourse using your cd's at the right time, if you mess this up you will lose a considerate amount of dps.

    My log on jinrok




    On council you need to give some info, when do you use BL? Do you burst your cd's on Sul? Is everyone doing it?

    The reply you added in your post is abit weak here and there. DoT uptimes and nature's grace uptime depends on alot of factors. Moving alot (Sometimes unavoidable) reduces this alot already. I also would not recommend NV for Jinrok at all. (My log is 5th world and was done with HotW)
    What i found alot, is that with slight movement and the first haste cap, your dots will drop off, but its better for them to drop and not refresh them if you are just 1 cast away from the next eclipse. Uneclipsed dots are not worth your time.

    Get rid of your essence of terror, either get the VP one or just buy the DMC. The normal version of terror is just really bad. Be more carefully taking loot, don't bother with items that have no base crit on them. The difference between your set and mine, while equal itemlvl is 2500 crit, and that is quite some dps.
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    Ultimately you're gonna struggle to compete with alot of dps in your current gear because you're missing both set bonuses (and cause of your stats on the gear you have) you have more mastery than desired. The crucial part is you don't have 4pT14, which ofc alot of players are dropping now, but because you dont have 515+ ilv, you are just meeting the haste BP instead of having more you're trying to get rid of. You're gonna have a hard time making it eclipse to eclipse without DOTs dropping, but that'll come with gear. You just need to focus more on how you use your cooldowns, and make sure you BURST for as much as you can, and concentrate of maintaining high dot/natures grace uptime until your cooldowns are ready again

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