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    Primordius and Blade Flurry

    We're experiencing some difficulties on Primordius because it seems we're not able to cleave down enough adds before they actually reach them when we are all mutated. Cleaves like chain lightning are obviously the correct answer but I was wondering if there's perhaps something us Rogues can contribute to that role.

    Has anyone tried playing Combat there with the new and improved Blade Flurry up, simply cleaving down every add that gets near him? Fan of Knives doesn't seem to get the trick done as it's damage is too slow to kill the blobs before they actually reach the boss and get absorbed.

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    This sounds significantly tactically different from what we ran with (for normal!) without issues. We kited Primordius around the edge of the room, which has him taking 1 blob from each set of the 10 around the room for each full circle you make (moving relatively slowly) and trying NOT to AoE the adds behind him. Granted he died in 2 pulls so we didn't get to apply major strategic changes, but our poor feral tried to figure out why his damage was suddenly suffering when he realized he had 4x 20% mastery debuff on him because our Unholy DK and one of our Destro locks were wrecking the adds in melee range and he was getting HUGE debuff strings :P.

    I can't recommend following that pattern as melee; killing a BUNCH of bloods on top of you with a slow/non-moving enemy WILL get you a giant string of debuffs, and your damage will plummet. Someone might come along with more of a view of this fight, but I personally think trying to AoE them down from melee is going to backfire rather than help.

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    what we noticed was that people shouldnt try to dps the onces that are really close, rather the onces that are alot further away. Then again, when we all are morphed, we just blow all cds and go balistic on the boss whilst kiting/ignoring adds

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    Single target them down.

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    No, no no no no no. If a Fluid dies under the boss and spawns a purple, bad things will happen.

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    Interesting, I was under the impression that once we all got mutated we still had to cleave a little to make sure the adds following the boss wouldn't reach him, therefore I created this thread wondering if someone gave blade flurry a shot.
    I must admit we only got a few pulls of last night, but by the looks of it he was gaining evolution stacks really fast so we figured we needed some more cleave or aoe. We did however kite the boss like you guys said too. Our 5th and best attempt got us to like 30% with 9 stacks up. Thanks for the replies.

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