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    What do you do with your vaolor points?

    Just curious?
    Those who predominantly pvp, and really have no use for pve gear, what do you do?
    Valor to conquest would be nice, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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    I dont get valor points, ever. Hence being a PVP player.

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    Technically no. a lot of people over time have argued in forums over this, but Blizz doesn't really see they should to change this I don't often agree, but this time I do).

    For people that play WoW mainly for pvp (not raiding, questing). Mainly, bg, arena, RBG's, etc. - The concept in pvp versus pve (besides killing NPC's) is that CP's is essentially something that is earned over the season by constantly, constantly pvping. Good analogy is like looking at it (from arena and RBG's perspective) like HS football, track, or baseball. People have warm ups, they are competing with other teams over the season then go on to championships. (where bigger prizes are). These are the hard core pvper's.

    For people who raid it's different, the outlet is easier to achieve and get VP from. You go into dungs, LFR, guilds go do normal/heroic raids. This can be easier to achieve VP from. Hell, I can spend a day doing scenerios, LFR, daileis, etc and get capped in a short time span.

    There is alot more work in pvp to acquire the gear, then to simply have expendable VP to convert over. It would make it way to easy for people to acquire the top pvp gear, when alot of players spend a majority of Wow already practicing, teaming, and being skilled over a long period time.

    Another thing to keep in mind, Blizz conditioned pvp now so that causal players (mainly that pve) can have a chance to come into a bg, have a few matches, and not feel like that are being bull dozed. They wanted to give players (based on pvp gear) a chance to have some level to other high end pvpers to play (link in bgs, arenas).

    It biold down to why would I a player want to have an easy chance at average - hardcore pvp gear, when all I can is trade them in? If that was the case, pvper's would que for lfr (water that down), get capped, then trade them in, then arena to finish off their week. It wouldn't be practical.

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    Shit, you're bound to complete a daily, even if accidentally ... and I can't stand them.
    I'm not ranting or raving or advocating the VP <-> CP thing. I'm just wondering what people are doing.

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    What valor points?
    Think you got the wrong section of the forum to ask this...
    Rogues don't do buffs or other group things. If you want a hug ask the Paladin.

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    I just want to be able to make some decent amount of gold from pvp to cover gemming and enchants for pvp gear

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    You could buy blood spirits, craft awesome gear and make money that way....

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    I would like to see the conversion of VP>CP to come back. Helped with life really.
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