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    16/16H Fearless Pre 5.2 13/13H US37 DPS + Heals 5.4

    Contingency is a hardcore 25man guild that recently xfered to Alexstrasza(with our entire raid team). Since Firelands we have been rapidly improving our raiding team as we climb progression. Each tier we rank significantly better than the last (See below). We are looking for players to help us continue this trend into Mists of Pandaria. Most of us have been together pre Firelands and decided raiding 25+ Hours a week isnt whats required anymore.

    What type of players do we want?

    We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it's available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team. This involves:

    -Attending virtually all the raids
    -Having stable computers and internet connections
    -Min/maxing your character
    -Making sure you are up to date on all your classes' developments as well as the game's developments and upcoming changes

    Ranks at the end of each tier:

    Tier 12 7/7H US #179
    Tier 13 8/8H US #77
    Tier 14 16/16H US #61

    We are currently recruiting exceptional players of all classes to continue improving our progression in Tier 14 and beyond.

    What were looking for:

    Anyone that can do HIGH DPS without dying.

    (2) Healers Resto Druid Resto Shaman or Myst Weaver
    Shadow Priest ( HIGH )
    Lock ( HIGH )
    DeathKnight ( HIGH )
    Hunter ( HIGH )

    Just because these are the only classes listed does not mean we dont have room or a perm spot. Good players who want to progress with low raid hours this is the place for you!

    Raid Times:

    9:00PM - 12:00PM EST Monday-Thursday

    Contact Information:
    In Game:
    Materblaster or add my realid to speak with me directly: [email protected]
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    still looking for a few more raiders!

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    We need some new DPS !!!

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    Cant seem to find a good ret paladin or a ele shaman to save my life!

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    Still looking for some skilled new raiders!

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    Where as all the good DPS gone?

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    One day we will get some new DPS and players...

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    Working on Horridon, making some good progress.

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    Still looking for a few more raiders. Horridon went well tonight

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    good night everyone, its bed time.

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    good morning everyone.

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    The next day search continues.

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    Today the search still continues.

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    and the search continues.

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    Still looking for more.

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    Still looking to fill these last few slots.

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    and the search continues.

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    Where as all the range DPS gone? oh where oh where can they be...?

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    Still looking for a few more new raiders

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    16% Horridon should get it tonight. Still looking for some Quality DPS.

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