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    The fact is, playing arcane without scorch-weaving will be like playing a new spec, too (and I don't imagine you'll be getting scorch back anytime soon!). So I recommend you switch to frost, simply because it's similar to arcane in that you will get consistent dps if you play it right. I can understand why you wouldn't like fire.

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    Ah noxxic the most consistent thing I've ever seen for mage information. Consistently wrong. I wish the site would just die already tbh

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    It's not what numbers you read in Noxxic, Raidbot or Simcraft. It's the way you play and perform. It's not like watching Blatty's stream and say - "Hey! Mages are OP!" or "Obv Mages are OP but I can't pull that much damage". It's your own responsibility and thoughts of how you play. Yea you might want to ask some of the pro-mages for some tips on specific fights, which will boost your dps slightly sometimes, but in general you can't just say "well mages are top3 dps in simcraft, i wonder why i'm not there yet". Just use your brain, read this and that, perform well, don't screw up and you'll be top or close to top. You don't have to look at those crappy sites to have an idea where you should be. Cuz unless you are a really hardcore player there is no way for you to obtain Full T15 Heroic Thunderforged items and just jump onto the famous "Patchwerk fight", cuz simply enough - there aren't ANY Patchwerk-style fights in that instance (well maybe Ji-Kun and Jin'Rokh normal for some).
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    I want to feel the zomg in my dpspants when I throw pyros at someones face. How do you keep that feeling of 'zomg' in your pants while still nerfing throughput?

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    if you don't take time to read patch notes and relearn your class then of course your going to be bad, if the 34k dps was real then i imagine you just kept haste stacked and spammed arcane blast till you oomed. After the mage bomb buffs my arcane mage pulls very similar numbers i just changed from haste to mastery and dropped my stacks all the time(190-200k H elegon 5.1, 193k 5.2).

    If you aren't going to bother learning how to play a class then there is no need to complain, arcane is fine, fire is fine, frost is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adeltor View Post
    (well maybe Ji-Kun and Jin'Rokh normal for some).
    even those two fights are not patchwerk style. you will be forced to move at some point. the bird will push you back, or you will move to get in/out of a puddle.

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    34k?! that seems a little exaggerated, even for the mage forums! The tempo of arcane is different now with ABx4 as it was very easy to just sit there and finger spam AB

    Arcane is fine with the right reforges and re-learning the flow of it. Other wise go frost or fire if your gear can support it

    You can sit on 496 or 522 but you won't be doing anything productive if you haven't learned your rotations correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post

    Pretty much the same order, don't confuse your own ignorance with how something is done with it being wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post
    First take the time to read the thread, if you can find me saying Noxxic is 100% accurate I'll PayPal you £10.

    I haven't talked about the information (outside of the DPS chart) on the site because it's not the point I was talking to, most of it could be rubbish, but we're talking about the DPS charts.

    What I point out is that the numbers aren't "made up" as someone said, they're fine within the constraints of how they've been tested, if you don't agree with how they've been tested that's fine, but they aren't "made up"

    Are they realistic, of course not, you'd be foolish to try and say they are, but does that make them "made up"?
    But, y'know, whatever.

    I know you didn't say 100% accurate, but all Noxxic does is take from other sites and copy/paste shit.

    All I'm saying is don't paste Noxxic in a post and then start attacking people who tell you its bullshit.

    Also, Arcane and Frost being at the top of REALISTIC fights even in BiS gear? Yeah, okay, I've seen everything. Fire scales the best with gear more than any other class/specc in the game, and it's a HELL of a lot more mobile than Frost and Arcane. Frost scales HORRIBLY, so for it to be #1 is purely made up bullshit. Mobile arcane being #2? YEAH, OKAY. Have you ever PLAYED Arcane on a movement-heavy fight WITHOUT using Scorchweaving which was unintended anyways? Didn't think so.

    These numbers are broken as hell, and yes, I'm calling SimC out on this bullshit too. SimC is a wonderful site for checking stat values and whatnot, but it (and Noxxic) are horrible abominations when giving the overall view of DPS between classes/speccs, because they're wrong. If Arcane and Frost were truly that high, why are most Mages playing Fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkey One View Post
    Ah noxxic the most consistent thing I've ever seen for mage information. Consistently wrong. I wish the site would just die already tbh
    And this.

    Arcane Explosion glyph as Fire/Frost? What a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adeltor View Post
    There aren't ANY Patchwerk-style fights in that instance (well maybe Ji-Kun and Jin'Rokh normal for some).
    People should really learn what a "Patchwerk" fight is.

    "Patchwerk" fight: NO MOVEMENT WHATSOEVER. (e.g., Ultraxion is a Patchwerk fight for non-healers; for healers, it's an EXTREMELY SMALL movement fight)
    Ji-Kun and Jin'Rokh are by no means Patchwerk.

    I will agree with the rest of your post though, just please, people, learn what the fuck a Patchwerk fight is. We haven't had one since Dragon Soul.
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