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    Quote Originally Posted by hulkgor View Post
    Don't really understand the immunity to snares, but hey, still killable. And no, you don't require a tank to kill them.
    Well, we just killed one with ele shaman / resto druid but its a pain in the ass. So, a tank isn't needed, but with one its so much easier

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    as a prot warrior nothing has changed, still as easy to solo as before hotfixes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Can we griefers still generate aggro via normal attacks and have the Warbringers turn to us and reset them?
    Should still be able to do that but probably difficult to do against another tank considering they'll have ~15k vengeance.

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    once again, blizzard goes way overkill with something

    all people asked was for the mobs to be taunt/grip immune... and they go ahead and think people are asking for them to be CC immune as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiebob
    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    As a warlock they were easy before the change, now they are a tad more challenging but not impossible. Before the patch I could summon my voidwalker as much as I want if it died since it could just taunt and grab threat, now I HAVE to keep it alive and I HAVE to make it move away from the spirit that is summoned. I did them all solo before the change and I am still doing them solo now ^.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telescope View Post
    Should have been implemented from the get go.

    They come out and said they KNEW griefing would take place but did nothing. They also said they wanted these rares to require a group tank/heals expected yet there were hunters/mages/blood dks...etc soloing. This change simply makes these rares what they should have been to begin with in my mind; no same side griefing and actually requiring a group with a tank/heals.

    Common sense prevails this time.
    Little proble there sweetheart, tanks can solo them, one way or the other, if another class has the skill and talent to solo them SO BE IT. wait to see if they fuck up and get a shot yourself.

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    I had a druid following my group around when we were killing warbringers, and he'd just knock them off the edge and taunt reset them. I'm so happy that they fixed this

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    Quote Originally Posted by KunkkaTheAdmiral View Post
    No longer soloable ?
    They are. Just by less classes.
    Warlocks can still solo them just fine, you just have to avoid pulling aggro from your void lord - that's all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    and I HAVE to make it move away from the spirit that is summoned.
    You don't even have to move it.
    Personally, I've made a /tar macro for the spirits, hit it a soon as a spirit spawns and spam one or two fel flames asap - problem solved, as it takes them about two seconds before they actually start attacking something after they appeared.
    Just remember to turn taunt off - at least as long as they are up so that VL/VW won't taunt them back.
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    I agree with Neronex, Just out-range with Cheetah and break fear with BW if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallywest View Post
    I agree with Neronex, Just out-range with Cheetah and break fear with BW if needed.
    make sure you keep damage pressure on the mob tho I noticed I tend to reset way faster now if you dont keep the damage up not a nice thing to happen when you have it down at 10% >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    Depends on their level. The one from Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes have a lot more health than the one from Krasarang Wilds and Jade Forest. Either way, at level 90 you should be able to outgear them very quickly given how easy it is to catch up now.

    Frost mages soloed the Warbringer rares with 2 fingers in their nose.

    I soloed countless of the Warbringers on my priest. Even without root (it lasts for 1-2 sec anyway). The easiest ones were the Dread Wastes ones because of Klaxxi buffs, but all were doable. My biggest problems were terrain reset bugs, world PvP, failbots taunting and kiting it (e.g. into Sha of Anger; all were reported and GM told me their behavior is not acceptable), failing nitro boosts (but I should not rely on them anyway), and the required focus which I rather spend on raiding. After a little bit of practice it was doable, and I succeeded multiple times. If it is still possible I'll have to see. Definitely up for the challenge.

    Since I'm an incredibly friendly person I'll give you all a small piece of advice on how to deal with the fear besides your obvious class abilities: (A) / (H). Yes, it is a DPS loss, deal with it and use a +1000 stat flask. And as priest perhaps Glyph of Fear Ward. Personally, I use Glyph of Weakened Soul to be able to use B&S earlier on.

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    Doesn't work with mobs which drop mounts. It'll become zerg. You can already see it on Sha and Galleon. Its not about performance its about tagging the boss before it is dead. Same with new rares. Also, how would you then distribute the bags and rep bonus?
    No they all have the same health pool, doesn't matter which zone they're in.

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    The really frustrating thing about this is that it didn't honestly fix the issue anyways. I was fighting one of these this morning and some jerks realized that their old griefing methods didn't work and decided to, instead, aggro a bunch of normal mobs and kite them over to me to try to get them to stick. All it did was give me more Vengeance to work with; but it goes to show that as long as other players can involve themselves in trying to make your day worse, they will find a way to do so.

    Just phase the flippin' fights like they do with the guy that drops the Grey Camel; and then balance it however you want. There; now the fight is in a vacuum for the person (or people) who tag it and nobody can mess with anybody else. The end.

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    Soloed as a prot pally. Still doable. Manage cooldowns but it takes forever.

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    Really nice how they become easier and easier to Solo as the Gear and Skill increases:
    Once I soloed a Warbringer and two Scouts at once although the buttonmashing involved was neither healthy nor good for the Keyboard.

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