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    Is it possible the Blizz could reset achievements?

    Hey, is it possible for a GM to reset my achievements as some of them are completed by a deleted char, and also I dont really find it fun anymore I would like to re-do them for the challenge. If anyone please could post this to the official forums and link their post I would be so grateful (I cant because the site seems to be down where I am) Thanks.

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    They will not reset achievements.

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    How can you be sureE?

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    I don't think GM'ers are allowed to do things like that, they are i think able too, but i don't think it's allowed from higher up even though they don't mind doing it for you.
    but might be wrong ofcourse.

    Also i don't think your able to idd, but there is a way to do so. buy a new WoW account, start fresh with nothing.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Seems like a waste of a blues time that could be used to help people with serious tickets.
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    If you "re-do" the achievement on the new character, it will show the new date completed for that character. Also, you can go into the interface and choose to hide achievements that your current character did NOT do, thus shutting off the shared achievements. No need to get Blizz involved, just disable the shared achieves and re-do them on the new alt.

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    As far as I know, Blizzard will not do that. You could make a new account and do them over again if you really wanted to, but that would be a waste of money. I tend to ignore Achievements unless they are tires with a reward such as a vanity item, mount, or title. Besides that, they are meaningless points on a screen to me that I couldn't care less about! Truthfully, I wish Achievements were never introduced, but hey, nothing we can do about that now! Cheers!

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    The reason they won't do it is to prevent retarded things like this:

    "Hi, can you please reset my achievements?"
    "Meh, I've changed my mind, can you please restore my achievements?"
    "But still, I want them reset again..."
    "Please restore them again"

    This actually happens with deleted characters and crazy people. There are those people that from time to time "quit WoW". They delete the characters, but months later they come back and ask for a restore. Of course in this case Blizzard will do it, because it means they get some money out of it. Then those crazy dudes "quit WoW" again, deleting the characters again, thinking they will not come back if they did so. Anyway, I knew some of those people, they were funny.

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