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    Ah yes the 1000g to buy Dual Spec then it was 10g.....*mudders* want my gold back! *mudders*....yeah I can see it becoming free when you reach a certain level in the next expansion. If not, I guess 10g will still be's only 10g after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    Tbh I preferred the wotlk cost of dual talent specialization (or at least when it just came out). Even though I didn't have it back then, it did give me an incentive to make more gold.

    I'm hoping blizzard will someday finally add a tri talent specialization, but with the third talent spec costing like 2k gold or so.

    A tri talent spec isn't AS mandatory, but more of a luxury now. I mean, there has to be more gold sinks in the game. Sure, we have BMAH, but thats more of a gold sink for the EXTREMELY rich people, who won't even notice when they spend 999k gold >.>
    Tri talent spec really isn't needed at all. Considering you only have 3 to choose from (druids aside), it's kind of pointless. Like I said, they should just let you switch between whatever specs you want whenever and wherever you want. The only reason to do it before was because you could actually spec differently for the same talent tree (i.e. holy PvE and holy PvP). Now, with everything being the same except for your talents (which you can switch out anywhere you so choose), why bother with having dual spec or tri spec or quad spec in the game at all?

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