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    Overzealous Community Managers

    I follow the blue tracker from time to time and they always quickly hunt and close threads that have people complaining about the game, I have no problem with that, because it's their game and the forums are like their shop window but they often make condescending comments and mock players and their feedback like this:


    I admit that dude flamed casuals but valid threads like this one also get closed:

    is giving constructive criticism about the game not allowed too? it seems that they only accept compliments.
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    They have rules they have to stick with them. It's a bit annoying when its a big issue that's not really been addressed.. like the realm merging thread that got closed recently... but it WAS already being discussed in a thread already so they have to close it. If they didnt there'd be 20 threads on everything.

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    The poster who created the thread that the blue replied to was a bit of an idiot however there was no need for the sarcastic reply from the blue who should have just left if at the first sentence and locked the thread.

    One of the first rules of customer service is that when someone is complaining they are not complaining about you and you should not take it personally or react in kind. Also customer facing staff will find themselves dealing with dick heads from time to time but never, never tell that person they are dick head in front of other customers, even if the other customers agree they do not like to see customers treated this way.

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    No thanks, I'll take my blues with attitude over the generic robotic responses of other game's community managers.

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    That thread in particular deserved so much more than a mildly sarcastic reply... but you cannot do that as a CM, sadly.

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    I think some blues are elites jerks, think they are the gift of gods to the noobs that post same question over and over, so while the players are sometimes at fault, gm's should be beyond reproach

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    CM: Knock knock!

    Forum troll: Who's there?

    CM: Not you anymore! /BAN
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    The thread was clearly not intended to be constructive. Did you even bother reading it?
    "everyone hates everything!" "Blizzard sucks!"

    That's basically what it boiled down to.

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