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    recklessness glyph

    Please correct me if i am wrong. Once your crit for fury hits 27% before the 5% raid buff, would the reckless glyph be worth it again because every BT would crit.
    passive crit 27%
    raid buff 5%
    reckless glyphed 18%
    equals 50%
    then you multiple it by 2 because BT is double change to crit.
    so now you would have 18secs of 100% BT crits.

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    You would need 53% crit since bosses are 3 levels higher and you get 3% less crit on them, but its more important that other abilities besides BT crit while CS & bloodbath are up then have 1 more BT crit.

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    Pretty much as bigbad said. If BT crits, sure you get 10 more rage, get an RB proc, etc, HOWEVER, if you crit on RB with your cds up, it does a LOT more damage than just a BT crit. That being said, you are sacrificing 12% crit for 6 seconds of duration. This is not a good trade off.

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