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    I think i found a way to be back to top as rest

    My fellow shaman i bleave i have found the way to get high HPS. but it goes agents all ways of shaman healing. I am a healer that wants to go to the top but i found our class was not buffed that is because i think i found the way. I was looking into what we have to use as heals and we have to learn fights better and more in depth then any healer in wow we need to see the damage before it is hitting us i am going to go over this for 25 man and will be trying it this coming week but it all works out to be around riptide and GHW. as many of use know we are not the power healers like a HP or a MS/Disc priest we are not made for it but we do have a greater healing percent to give if we have time to see damage. so i say this watch and predict cooldown rotations they way i see it is ascendance is the way to the top. I will be starting with riptide keep this up on the tanks at all times the gcd is set so u can have 3 out but just keep 2 by keeping on the tanks we will never lose hps so tanks get riptide over all else, next no more chain heal drop it out of your mind we can keep healing rain but its just for the unleash aoe heal if u are not using it this way dont drop healing rain its a loss of mana and hps. next try to aoe about to happen so u can unleash rain then riptide the tank after that use the buff you get to power GHW ascendance this is how we will get hps because it heals all party and raid member hurt or not so damage is alway healed. once u lose the tidal buff toss out a HS then rebuff a tank with riptide for the buff keep doing so till boss is dead.

    Once more i just think this i will post more
    as i use it this week after that i will go into
    the stats so we can pass them faster but till
    then good luck and heal fast.

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    So how is this different from our normal healing? UE + HR, already used. Riptides on tanks, already used. Ascendance + GHW, already used.
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    I really, really, really, really wish people would quit treating HPS as if it's dps.

    They are not the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesmam View Post
    So how is this different from our normal healing? UE + HR, already used. Riptides on tanks, already used. Ascendance + GHW, already used.


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    This isn't really news to me, but I guess some people can still use information about to use Ascendance to the highest potential and that you shouldn't use HR without unleashing beforehand and that you should keep RT on tanks to provide them with Ancestral Vigor... Or they could just read a basic shamy healing guide.

    What's certain is that, using those techniques that you'll find in any beginner's guide, you're not suddenly a better choice as a healing class as a priest, paladin, druid or monk.

    Oh and... you forgot to include dropping HST on CD in your list of advice.
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    You should also note that 2x HW is superior to GHW in all possible indicators. If you stack haste "high enough" you can stop using GHW quite a bit. 2x HW heals 10-20% more than 1 GHW, costs 4k less mana and has double the chance to give Resurgence mana proc back. But if you unleash that GHW, things are different. You should use your +50% unleash (+30% portion goes for HR) on GHW or CH. So basically UE on the tank, cast HR, cast GHW on the tank. Haste also helps there as at low haste UE+HR takes almost 4 seconds, with high haste you can get it down to 2.5 sec.
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    You should be using healing rain proactively not reactively.

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