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    Tracking prot paladin 2 set t15

    Has anyone found a effective way to track it? maybe a weak aura's string or something im fiddling around with ways but not really finding a true effective way that isn't using a set 15 sec value regardless of the holy power used. Not that it really matters as a tank they will always be 3 stack on myself basically.

    edit either via a hotfix or my stupidity it is now showing up as a buff so here is a weak aura's string for lazy people :P.
    d8YAbaGlbzBQKMRk1Sv62QQ2ja7LSBuTFk1pvLggf63sgQkYGfy4iLJjLZPIAHivlhLNc9yGEovMQqtgKPR4BuWHLk xw01vj2OuftJIAZu12fu(OkyzuIpdQVlvvJuf60ignL04LQYjvf3IICnaDEK8mPknobv)vvz1uuir4dFsMVdmVFalU 7gPL7(DSwQp6B6Ceo8R)eRMeCifxOtylK5qgcDw4VqiHqkkCRoiffYQnvu4)LDikQrJgHuVEVlhbWKLRnHSeMu8ifT uibS4cjqcDwj5czhuE7a4TyuchgbgozkkK39NoffGMq0kjxi7GYBhCylgLgnc7717D5OEmD1aqG9E2y4aBnlTgqlYB YSbH8l)rgbgozobOjeSQfQ6Nl6Ae2POq0kjxi7GYBhCylgLWh(KmFhyE)awC3nsl397yTuF0305iC4x)jwnj4qkUgH HjanZgnQrc
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    tnx, helped our tank

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