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    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    well if we're just throwing out any idea at all, then i'd say a hunter spec without a pet. i know that's been discussed before and it sounds kinda interesting.
    Yes yes yes. I want to be a classic petless Ranger.

    Bow and no pet!

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    IMO classes should only get forth specs if, like druids, they already have a double role spec, or if there is a concensus that the pure dps classes should become hybrids.

    For rogues specifically they don't need a forth spec right now, they need a warlock style overhaul to make the three specs feel different. When I play my rogue the only thing that really feels different for me is whether I put a dagger or slower 1h in my main hand, and which dps cooldowns I have available.
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    It'd be nice if they'd make one of the plate classes besides pallies use Int plate.

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    Exorcist - Ranged DPS Paladin, using Int plate.
    FuckDemPets - Ranged DPS Hunter with no pet.
    EarthSomething - Tank Shaman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dingobongo View Post
    Well why isn't everyone playing a druid then? I know druid's are popular, but not to that extent.
    Actually, Paladin and Druid are the most popular played classes just because of thier Pure Hybrid abilities.

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    Rogue with a range dps tree. Items like bows / guns / crossbows would match stats perfectly.

    Petless shadowy ranger. I would love that so much. <3

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    I would like to see Death Knights getting DPS Blood Spec, inspired by Deathbringer Saurfang (ICC10/25).

    As for Tank Spec for Shamans, might be interesting, it'd be the first Mail Tank class.
    Same for Tank Warlocks, maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellash View Post
    I would like to see Death Knights getting DPS Blood Spec, inspired by Deathbringer Saurfang (ICC10/25).

    As for Tank Spec for Shamans, might be interesting, it'd be the first Mail Tank class.
    Same for Tank Warlocks, maybe?
    DKs had a blood dps spec back in Wrath...and it was awesome. I miss blood DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    however shamans have always been traditionally kind of off-tanky, from being able to successfully tank bosses in ICC during wrath to being off tanks when shit hit the fan in MC
    What were shaman tanking an ICC other than maybe blood princes which other classes could do as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    DKs had a blood dps spec back in Wrath...and it was awesome. I miss blood DPS.
    Yeah. Death Knights lost the possibility of playing blood dps, frost tank and unholy tank.

    Granted UH tanking wasn't popular, I still wish there would be a way to play these old specs, they were quite fun, especially blood dps.

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    mage its just so boring somtimes

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    Warlocks need a tanking spec.

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    Shamans- tank spec
    Mages- heal spec
    Warlock- tank spec with a more badass version of metamorphosis but no pet
    Hunter- Heal or dps spec using dual wield pistols and mana instead of focus
    Paladin- Caster dps spec
    Rogue- Evasion tank spec

    Those would be my favorite to see although none are needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    hunter--gunslinger spec, petless, dual wield pistols.
    Sounds like SWTOR, oh wait it is.

    There are already 34 specs in the game, really don't need any more of them. If you feel like your class don't have what you like, try a different one.

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    Death Knight caster spec, need another class / spec for int plate.

    Rogue tank because more tanks are always good.

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    I've tanked a handful of heroic 5 mans in Cata on my Shaman before - Just took gems/chants/reforge to Agi/Dodge and Stamina. Using WF on MH and Rockbiter on OH with a Swap macro to a FT Weapon for Lavalash or Shield for expected spike damage.

    Ample use of Stoneskin totem, Absorb totem, Grounding, Hex, Self Heals and Wolves for a Healing CD

    Also takes a guild group that is expecting it

    I queue Healer as Enhance now and just DPS/Heal to make dungeons go faster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hezo View Post
    Sounds like SWTOR, oh wait it is.

    There are already 34 specs in the game, really don't need any more of them. If you feel like your class don't have what you like, try a different one.
    You heard it heard first, folks, SWTOR invented gunslingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henock View Post
    I am just curious as to what classes you all think could use a 4th spec. Just FYI I don't think all the classes need a new spec just some. (Warrior for example) I have a couple ideas of my own.

    Shaman - I think most people have thrown around the idea of a shaman tanking class. Perhaps something that uses agi mail gear? Maybe it's related to Enhancement some how?

    Monk- Even though it's a new class I was surprised to see that it didn't get a Ranged dps spec. I think they could really make it work with jade lightning, fire bloom, fire breath etc.

    Mage - I always wanted to see a mage tanking class that uses int gear. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch but still I think it's a creative idea.
    Every class could get a 4th spec. WoW's classes are broad enough for that to happen.

    Death Knights: Rune:

    Druid: Already exists.

    Hunter: Ranger, Warden, Dark Ranger

    Mage: Time for healing, or Blood for DPS

    Monk: Red Crane Monk (Ranged DPS)

    Paladin: Shockadins

    Priests: Inquisition (Holy + Shadow DPS), Psion (expansion of Psychic Scream etc.)

    Rogue: Bard (Ranged DPS+ Healing), Stalker (Tanking)

    Shaman: Earth-based tanking

    Warlock: Dark Apotheosis tanking, or Demon Hunters

    Warrior: Blademasters

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    Rogues that can dodge/evade tank, Shadowstepper or something. As an outsider to the class, the three specs are waaay too similar. I've been playing for years and honestly couldn't tell you the difference between Combat and Assassination, let alone all three.

    I don't get the whole "hunters dual wielding pistols" thing, it's all a little too Grand Theft Auto for me. I do think Survival should be a pet-less spec, or one should/could be added. Something about a rugged loner who fends for himself and has all the tools to do so, just a cool idea to me.

    Warlocks and Shaman as tanks would be cool, echoing everyone else's sentiments. If the warlock himself wasn't in some sort of demon form to take the boss' punishment himself, he could be given some sort of Dreadlord/powerful demon summon that would "tank" the boss, while the Warlock stands a short distance away and directly controls it, rather than casting spells.

    Shaman, obviously, as an Earthward. The shaman calls forth the might of the earth itself!

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    I feel that rogues need to get a rework like warlocks did. I think 3 melee dps specs offers no variety. I would probably rework them as such

    Assassination - It would be a poison based melee dps spec

    Combat - The spec is described as "A swashbuckler who uses agility and guile to stand toe-to-toe with enemies." It sounds like a tanking spec so making this the evasion tanking spec would be interesting

    Subtlety - Melee dps more focused on stealth

    Ranger - Ok hear me out. Blizzards seems to be stubborn about giving hunters the pet-less spec. Rogues can already use rogue and use shadow magic. They could apply poison to their arrows. They seem to fight the archetype of the sly ranger than hunters do. Plus the fiasco with Shuriken Toss make me think that they would be an interesting melee/ranged hybrid.

    I would try to make every class a hybird so the concept of a hybrid tax can fade away. (hopefully) For all the other classes I would give them 4th specs like:

    Hunter - a tank spec. Bring back good old raptor strike. We could have them use their pet to generate aggro by transferring the aggro of the pet to the hunter like a reverse misdirect. I imagine something along the line of Rexxar and Misha.

    Mage - A time base healing spec.

    Warlock - Demon Hunter tank spec.

    Warrior - I am having a little trouble with this one but I was thinking a Shout based spec. Not sure if it would be supportive or dps

    Death Knight - Their specs are based on their runes and the only rune left is Death. This spec would be the Necromancer archetype. I would love to see a death knight summon some caster skeletons.

    Monk - A chi/wind based ranged dps spec

    Priest - A tank spec on a priest would feel too much like a paladin. I feel the priest 4th spec would be another dps spec that either involves more psychic themes or perphaps a balance of shadow and holy.

    Paladin - Holy shock/ denounce ranged dps spec. possibly convert str to spell power instead of attack power. Maybe have an ability that increases the range of auto attacks and Crusader strike. For anyone who play league of legends I was thinking of something like Kayle.

    Shaman - Earth/Ice Based tank spec. Rockbiter Weapon longs to be used.

    Druid - done ^_^

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