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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendita View Post
    I feel that rogues need to get a rework like warlocks did. I think 3 melee dps specs offers no variety. I would probably rework them as such

    Assassination - It would be a poison based melee dps spec

    Combat - The spec is described as "A swashbuckler who uses agility and guile to stand toe-to-toe with enemies." It sounds like a tanking spec so making this the evasion tanking spec would be interesting

    Subtlety - Melee dps more focused on stealth

    Ranger - Ok hear me out. Blizzards seems to be stubborn about giving hunters the pet-less spec. Rogues can already use rogue and use shadow magic. They could apply poison to their arrows. They seem to fight the archetype of the sly ranger than hunters do. Plus the fiasco with Shuriken Toss make me think that they would be an interesting melee/ranged hybrid.

    I would try to make every class a hybird so the concept of a hybrid tax can fade away. (hopefully) For all the other classes I would give them 4th specs like:

    Hunter - a tank spec. Bring back good old raptor strike. We could have them use their pet to generate aggro by transferring the aggro of the pet to the hunter like a reverse misdirect. I imagine something along the line of Rexxar and Misha.

    Mage - A time base healing spec.

    Warlock - Demon Hunter tank spec.

    Warrior - I am having a little trouble with this one but I was thinking a Shout based spec. Not sure if it would be supportive or dps

    Death Knight - Their specs are based on their runes and the only rune left is Death. This spec would be the Necromancer archetype. I would love to see a death knight summon some caster skeletons.

    Monk - A chi/wind based ranged dps spec

    Priest - A tank spec on a priest would feel too much like a paladin. I feel the priest 4th spec would be another dps spec that either involves more psychic themes or perphaps a balance of shadow and holy.

    Paladin - Holy shock/ denounce ranged dps spec. possibly convert str to spell power instead of attack power. Maybe have an ability that increases the range of auto attacks and Crusader strike. For anyone who play league of legends I was thinking of something like Kayle.

    Shaman - Earth/Ice Based tank spec. Rockbiter Weapon longs to be used.

    Druid - done ^_^
    Warriors or rogues could have some sort of combat medic spec. Might work better for warriors - gives another use for spell plate. Intercepting from area to area using specialized potions and bandages that don't expire, temporary buffs or HOTs using Shouts. RESURRECTING SHOUT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    well if we're just throwing out any idea at all, then i'd say a hunter spec without a pet. i know that's been discussed before and it sounds kinda interesting.
    I agree i would love to see a dual weaponed (pistols or crossbows) petless hunter. Or a hunter that could summon pets from the surrounding area to do a special attack for a limited time, ala pet whisperer ability.

    Rogues could use some loving by offering them more group/raid utility, trap and espionage specialist to reduce raid damage, increase dps etc. Give them an arsenal of geeky high tech weapons to use.

    Shaman use to be able to tank in BC (hence the 2 hand melee weapon ability, and i dont mean dual wield) It would be interesting to see that ability rez'd considering shaman, when compared to other classes, are really somewhat lackluster
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velerios View Post
    Priest: A Holy dps spec, that use direct holy attacks as main damage source instead of dots like shadow.

    Shaman: A fourth spec that use agility-mail and 1hand/shield to tank. Strength on the shield/tanking weapon should be converted to agility.
    Those are a couple of the big ones for me.

    Overall, I think their best move next expansion would be to give all classes a fourth spec and give all the "pure" classes a healer or tanking spec so we can kill that discussion once and for all. Mages and warlocks get a healing spec for healing cloth, rogues become another class that uses agility leather tanking, I'm not exactly certain where hunters would fit but maybe something with the mail agility tanking like mentioned for shaman, etc...

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    Throgue! They'll be shurik-tossing their way into the hearts of people, sort of like they are now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henock View Post
    I am just curious as to what classes you all think could use a 4th spec.
    WTB paladin ranged caster DPS spec, using intel plate
    This would remove the need to had a ret set just to do dailies at a reasonable speed

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    I doubt we'll see any 4th specs at least for awhile, but I'd be in favor of having a mage's arcane spec switched to be a healing spec. It'll give mages more utility.

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    A lot of the ideas in this topic are contrived. If anything, they should take a look at the weaker/less cogently designed specs and ameliorate them before adding new ones.

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    Shamans could use a tank spec and I would like to see some sort of Time Mage / Red mage spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nolliepop View Post
    well if we're just throwing out any idea at all, then i'd say a hunter spec without a pet. i know that's been discussed before and it sounds kinda interesting.
    I think that could/should be covered by a glyph or a talent. Or just a baseline option for MM.

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    Warlock could have a healing spec. The play-style would be giving your own health to heal others and then using your mana to heal yourself.

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    Definitely Tank Shaman would be nice (they used to be viable back in vanilla - or so I heard).

    DPS Caster Paladin, ranged version similar to how holy dps priest used to be set up.

    Combat mage, cross between mage/enh shaman & fury warrior, but wearing cloth.

    DPS Caster DK, sort of more emphasis on minion summoning, ranged diseases & curses, almost a necro, but with less maneouvrability (thinking of MM+Blood spec necro from GW1)

    Would also be nice to see a viable Holy DPS spec for priests, rather than stand and spam smite/holy nova, and then remove the shadow damage spells from them, and the holy spells from shadow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidMike View Post
    Warlock could have a healing spec. The play-style would be giving your own health to heal others and then using your mana to heal yourself.
    Sounds like a blood spec necro from GW1

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    Shaman - Tank
    Death Knight - Healer
    Warlock - Tank

    Don't think any of the other ones would be very good. If Rogues could tank and Mages could Heal it might just make the game a bit silly in terms of PvP.
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    While I like variety, a few of these sound ridiculous.

    The only thing I'd like is a Battle Mage (aka tank spec). Force walls, conjuring beasts to soak up damage, it'd be pretty cool.

    However, a Hunter without a pet? It's a part of the class, if you find it annoying, or you don't care to manage it, then you're lazy (imo) and are not fully understanding the meaning behind the class. You need to get that sucker out of aoes, heal him up when needed, utilize their perks, etc. IT'S A PART OF THE CLASS.

    Ranged rogue? Wut. Throwing daggers all the time? Glorified expansion of something the class already does. Guns? Great, now we have to re-work the other specs so that their cross-over abilities somehow fit within a ranged class...not to mention a the definition of a rogue and what a rogue has always been (think D&D), is a stealthy, dagger-wielding, lock picking s.o.b. Stop trying to make a rogue into some Assassin's Creed bull crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidMike View Post
    Warlock could have a healing spec. The play-style would be giving your own health to heal others and then using your mana to heal yourself.
    Doesn't fit the class to help others without getting anything in return.
    Warlock tank makes more sense, and we've already seen some raids in Vanilla and TBC that required a Warlock tank, and the glyph in early MoP that made it viable for any situation.

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    I'd be far more interested in being able to have three specs saved, so I could actually have my tank, dps offspec for raid, and the healing spec I've been gearing up at the same time. Remembering to switch the healing spec back to DPS (and having to change all my bars manually) before raid is fairly annoying.

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    Rogue -Tank spec-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniwa View Post
    Who would roll a warrior if you could just as well tank with a shaman where you can OS both healing AND ranged dps , which you cannot with a warrior?
    Who would roll a Warrior if you could just as well tank with a Druid, where you can OS both healing AND ranged dps, which you cannot with a Warrior?

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    None. The only class that truly needed it was druid. It was too messy and hard to balance feral dps with feral tank until they separated them. They should never have been all in the same tree. No other class had those sort of issues other than druid. Three specs are just fine with everyone else, once you start trying to give everyone a 4th spec it just makes it even harder to balance the game and pretty much just turns it into a completely different game because you'd be adding a brand new game changing spec to everyone.

    With druids, it was already established since Vanilla with tank/melee dps all rolled into a single spec. There was nothing major in separating them, unlike completely adding a new spec. For example: Gunslinger, dual wielding pistols, and being petless for a new hunter spec. That's a HUGE change to game play not only with having to create new items for loot tables (pistols because they don't exist) and balancing them, but balancing within the hunter class itself and then balancing against every other spec and class as well for PVE and PVP.
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