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    Post 03/2013 Current Trade Goods


    I know there are threads every week or so questioning "How to make gold". This is not my issue, I know to make gold, but I would love to share what items/goods I am trading and would like to know what you are trading!

    • Primal XXX (and buying the little ones, where you need 10 of them)
    • Eternal XXX
    • Magnificient Hide
    • Fadeleaf
    • Wild Steelbloom
    • All Darkmoon quest items
    • Different kind of transmog items, especially shield, chest, shoulder

    Crafting (incl. buying mats cheap):
    • Ghost Iron Dragonling (Engineering)
    • All Tinker's (Engineering)
    • Alle 450 PvP Items (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring)
    • Living Steel Belt Buckle (Blacksmithing)
    • Leg Enchants (Leatherworking, with SoH from farm)
    • Bracer Enchants (Enchanting)
    • Lesser Invisbility Potion (Pot Alchi)
    • Shoulder Enchants (Inscription)
    • Felsteel Blade (Blacksmithing)
    • Felsteel
    • Darkmoon Cards (Inscription)

    Any tipps or ideas?

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    i just take gold from the guild bank to "make gold", but psst do not tell that to my guild leader.

    Thanks for this checklist

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    I like that you're not just in the "current market" and can have an open mind about niche markets.

    With your Fadelead and Wild steelbloom market, go with Goldthorn as well; that is a major gate in the alch leveling sphere.

    Take your Eternals to the next level: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=56009, http://www.wowhead.com/spell=56011.
    The 60/70 twink markets are huge, and look at the 70 equivalent; also look at LW leg enchants.(http://www.wowhead.com/item=34207/glove-reinforcements)

    Also with Eternals, Frozen orbs; I can buy them for 10g on my realm and sell the Eternal fires for 20-30g easily.

    Farm the shit out of Sunwell and get those twink crafting items; there has been a guy spamming for the LW gloves for at least a year now on my realm.

    Le edit:
    Large Obsidian Shard/small Obsidian Shard for
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    Well I Keep buying Tome of Clear Mind for 35Silver and put on the AH for 98 Silver, not much but consistent income.

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    Imperial Silk Spellthreads - Use Motes from farm for extra silks.
    New Crafted Gear (Tailoring only)
    Sha Crystals from daily CD and running LFR (Or I'll save them up and make a weapon enchant, whichever is going to grab me the most moolah)
    Tome of the Clear Mind - Selling them for 2g each when the market allows.
    Ghost Iron Dragonling - Reasonably good seller
    BoEs from my solo instance/raid runs for transmog.

    After spending about 70k on mounts, still sitting with 75k to spend, need to save up more though, I fancy a magic rooster.

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    Thanks for your input. I'll try how these stuff sells in the next 2 weeks.

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