I was wondering, I've been tryoing out a couple of hastecaps reacently the 7613 wich, I just can't get to hang together, I got no use for the haste, and now I'm going back to 3764, I've been trying the 5676 too, wich works, but not viable since the only thing you gain is a riptide tick, and the extra spirit you can get on your mana tide totem is just not worth to spend on haste, so what I came up with in the end is,

go down a tiny bit in troughput. but go MAX SPIRIT - you will last forever, and your mana tide is a living fountain for your raid! - so in the end my conlcusion went on the following:

Spirit -> MAX!
haste -> 3764
Mastery -> 48-50%
crit, YES CRIT! the resurgerence, the extra troughput, yes crit is worth it!
int. basic troughput, always good!

Please give me your opinions, and don't flame me, I do not say I'm pro, but this is just my conclusion for 5.2 raid healing (25man)