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    The Daily Blink is quite funny, and sooo true at the same time ^^

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    Zandalari Warbringer can no longer be taunted, interrupted, stunned, or snared. It isn't clear if all of these nerfs were intended.
    It is. There was a blue post on it. The changes were made to stop players griefing by forcing the mob to reset so they could tag it off other players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivermark View Post
    Lol, all Horde guilds on the top. OP racials are OP.
    No surprise there; all the main developers of WoW has made statements that they prefer the horde. Why is beyond me, as they should be the ones that should not have any preferance. Anyway, my point is that the game can never be balanced as long as the developers has their favourites (and we've seen through all expansions how horde has been the favourite. In the last expansion they got the new aspect, in this expansion they even have the final boss!! You will never see an alliance person as a boss for anything... Fuck me, Blizzard even made a whole world, retconned ALOT of lore, all so we could explore the past of the horde!)

    And what has the alliance gotten? A broken and useless theramore, several coastal cities put in ruins, horde taken over several other cities, the child of the king running around playing boy scout, death of major characters like Ronin, etc. Blizzard is to balancing as China is to innovation..
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