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    Your favorite place in MoP?

    Everyone has their hot spots where they always love to be. In TBC most people would say Nagrand, but what about MoP?

    For me, definitely the Jade Temple Grounds. The stuff going on there and the areas surrounding the temple are simply a-mazing

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    IDK - MoP doesn't have one spot that I would just love to be. If I had to pick a spot, I would likely choose the snowy peaks of Mount Neverest in KunLai Summit. Very peaceful way up there just flying around and picking snow lillies.

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    I like the mountains of Kun-Lai Summit. I wish they had of made the Shrines over there.

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    Valley of the Four winds, anywhere, tbh. I love the music and how peaceful everything is. Amazing zone to me.

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    Townlong Steppes, overlooking Dread Wastes. My favorite.

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    Paoquon Hollow for sureee

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    I always discover something new when I fly around the snowy peaks of Kun-Lai, whether it be a rare or some neat little detail, it's just a great place.

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    serenity falls and lake kittitata in the jade forest. i'd also like the black market ah area if it were a little bigger, and i could get away from the buildings. love the fog over the lush green trees and grass.

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