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    Horridon (Heroic) 10 man.

    Hey. We didn't put tons of tries into him yet, but any tips how to handle the waves in general (all of them), and any specific from gate to gate?

    On first gate, we focused primarily on Wastewalkers, but also on killing everything in general.
    @ Poisen Gate, we nuked the first priest, and got that down without any debuff, and we @2 priest we get a few debuffs and a few of the poisen adds they spawn. @ The frost gate we seem to fall apart, what should we focus here? Same with fourth gate. I assume the big ones, but any way to counter/handle them?

    On the kill videos it seems like there aren't any real dmg going on, which I don't understand, because on all 3 gates we tried, there are a huge ammount of dmg output. (On us)

    The hard part seems to be the last nuke, and getting past gate 3 (with poisen debuffs up), and we should be able to get it within 1 more day of progression, but any tips would be appreciated!

    Ive seen people use Time Warp for the last nuke, and for the third gate, any pointers what is best (I personally prefer last nuke)

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    2nd gate: If you haven't done so already, you should assign the add-tank to interrupt one of the 2 remaining priests and a melee dps to interrupt the other one. In addition, you should focus the green adds that copy the priests' abilities.

    3rd gate: We used BL on this one to burn down the first big add (it still lived, tho, when the next 2 arrived). In the end, however, as we killed the boss without having a disc priest, I'm not so sure if this was a good decision. On the one hand it helps you get to see the whole fight and practice. But on the other hand, we had some pretty nasty wipes when the War Lord did his shout within seconds of Horridon's dire call. What you should definitely do is focus the small adds because they apply the diseases. The Frozen Warlords don't do that much apart from summoning orbs, which shouldn't do any damage and MSing your add tank. Your tank should be aware that before the orbs spawn, there is a blue circle flashing 2 or 3 times on the ground, indicating the range of the frozen orbs' damage. Once he sees these circles he should move the pack a bit. Retrospectively, I wouldn't use BL here anymore. If you have a disc priest, you probably should, tho.

    4th gate: Focus down the casters and try to interrupt as many chain lightnings and fireballs as possible. Use AoE stun abilities. The raid and especially melees have to be aware that the Amani Bears cleave. Don't stand in front of them. The shamans' lightning totems are similar to the frozen orbs from gate 3 (there's also a blue circle on the ground before they spawn).

    War God: Of course, focus him down. At the 10-minute-mark, the War God's beastly shout and Horridon's dire call come within seconds of each other. Be ready to pop raid and individual CDs! Your raid should use healthstones or whatever they have to heal between the beastly shout and the dire call (there's only a time span of 1-3 seconds, I believe). Once he's dead tanks should just swap whenever the debuff of the non-tanking guy wears off.

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