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    Gladius? Has there been an update I haven't seen?

    Title pretty much says it all. Ever since 5.2 came out gladius hasn't been working. Is this the result of my addons clashing? Or does it need an update. I haven't seen any updates for it, and it's getting kind of annoying that it won't work in arena.

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    Go to your interface folder in your WoW folder, open your Gladius folder, find a file named "Speclist.lua," open it with a word editor (notepad works), and delete the following line (it should be at the top):

    [GetSpellInfo(56638)] = L["Arms"]. -- Taste For Blood

    Restart the game and it should be working.
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    Your a life saver thank you.

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    omg thank you so much!

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    or download gladius from wowinterface

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