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    Low level warrior pvp not fair

    This is about low level pvp by the way...so dont flame,and this is my first post as well

    Well, to introduce ,i played this game quite some time ago so i am not new to it..i never really did low level pvp before,maybe 1 or 2 bgs but this is actually the time were i looked into it....and i was shocked.Now i see why people were bitching at some low level classes

    long story short, i saw the ad on google while browsing, decided to download it and needless to say i was back in the game

    This is "TRIAL" STARTER lvl 20 edition btw, let me explain how it works.Basically, you can do everything, go to any zone, kill any mob, get anything you want, enter any dungeon.But the system turns your exp off automatically ,you cant level past level 20.You cant use the AH, you cant whisper/talk(unelss they are added on your friends list),and you cant trade. But ,if you need something, say, you can pick up your own profession, make it, then drop it and pick up something else.Say i need enchants for my weapons,i farm the mats and items, d/e them until i get the needed level, make the enchants, drop enchanting, pick up another profession(say i need LW for armor kits or something else).You can even get BoA items through Honor points by switching them to Justice.So in theory,and in reality you can have a well-rounded twink

    It might sound difficult killing a lvl 30 mob with a lvl 20 for a profession but it is not, you are "twinked"(dont know if these trials can be called twinks, they dont have a max lvl supporting them),but in reality its not.You can basically gear best in slot in roughly a week or 2 of playtime if you dedicate

    I read the pvp twink guides ranging from 2007 to 2011 on what gear to pick, spec to choose(some seem outdated,but still hold good info)
    I geared mine out to basically best in slot, took me roughly 15 days

    And i was ready to do battlegrounds,only to be horrified.....i literally cannot go toe to toe against any class 1vs1, even with my gear unless the opponent is severly lagging/bad geared and skill or all of the above.It got much better now since i respeced from arms to protection, and this patch gave a 25% higher damage shield slam. Even if my racial is up(only cd i have basically) i dont really stand a chance...

    Say for example a hunter spots me in mid.Sure, they do not hit as much now..( i remember low level hunters 1shotting),now Arcane shot only hits ~110dmg and 40 autoshot on me , and his pet hits 70 damage claw/20 white hits. Now it doesnt sound like alot but i only have 1700hp so i can go down quite fast.

    I on the other hand hit 500-550,and 1000 criticals with Shield slam.Now,sure that sounds like alot but the thing is....
    Let me tell you what abilities hunters have are Concussive shot,pet ability(they like disarm,both shield/weapon, spider can web i think, bat is another stun, etc), pet intimidationstun, pet charge root, disengage , scatter shot and Narrow escape talent.Problem is,once i charge in there, i cant go past his stuns, and i already have concussive shot applied to me which equals slow but sure death.How is this fair?He has like 10 abilities to work with, and i dont have any!

    Oh, and i dont even have a damn snare. Hamstring requires level 36 now.THIRTY SIX for melee ,his Concussive shot is lvl 8 and he is ranged. Oh, and now i looked at the tooltip it says 5 second cooldown 6 second duration and it requires now mana to cast....what is this fallacy?He can practically keep me slowed infinitely!

    Oh, and another thing.Hunter pets can Charge too, so i can find myself interrupted in a middle of a charge animaton if we open up at the same time which basically means i am effed....and any type can specced charge now, the rank system seems to be competelty gone.What also baffles me is what HE CAN FIRE AUTOSHOT AND STEADY SHOT WHILE MOVING...(isnt it called a steady shot?)....practically,sure i can Charge incombat, but its a 25 yard rage, and his ranged shots are FORTY....WTF IS THIS......

    No deadzone too now i noticed as i died right next to hunters and they kept on shooting..So,if i have no snare at this level, he can basically stay at 6 yards, were it will spam me "Target is too close" to deny Charge,yet it will spam me "Target is too far away" for basic melee

    Or,if a rogue opens up on me,i die as well, its 50/50 if he has his evaison up Find Weakness as well i had a 1300 evis critical coming from a trial rogue on a protection warrior..how is this fair, he has ambush, armor ignore capabilities and evasion....and i dont have Overpower.....so i basically have to tank him for the duration of evasion hearing "dodge and miss" rage starving me
    Whats also OP is their crippling poisons, rogues always seem to deny you your charge ,so it says "target is too close". And Thisle tea is op too, i had a rogue ambush me , build up combo points, thisle tea and kill me in seconds. What.the.eff just happened i am a mail wearing class

    Wait i do have abilities....Thunderclap which is useless, it no longer slows the target),
    Sunder Armor which costs FIFTEEN RAGE and is 4% while the rogue one is instant appliation and is 70%, Victory rush (useless as well,i barely get any kills),
    Exexute (which is stupid as well,once they are in execute state they are pretty much dead seconds later, and 2.5k armor paladins were able to survive my executes as well),oh and i have Taunt.Yea man,ima taunt you mofos for killing me so easy. Who was the designer for giving out these abilities, i swear...makes me literally rage right now

    I wont even go into paladins with infinite heals and long stuns, mass armor, druids with powershifting out of snares and infinite heals with Rejuv/mana/ and insane damage and mobility, or priests with mass bubbles and high-damage penance and fears

    The only damn class i can fight are other warriors right now, others.....well i just.freaking.cant. I had a warlock disarm me, fear and conflagate spam me.Sure,he was weak but all the dots added up...........and i died.WHAT THE EFF, I DONT HAVE A SINGLE SPELL INTERRUPT while other classes get to cast all sorts of abilities .......my Pummel ability requires level 24 >.<
    And rogues get theirr kick. I did roll a Blood Elf for the racial, but it is on a 2 minute cooldown and i think i used to up in prior fight.

    How do other classes get access to their advanced abilities at such low level and i dont even have a basic controlled stun or a snare

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    your pvping as a tank?

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    low level pvp sucks, always has always will. I dont even get why Blizzard wasted time adding in a level normalizer.
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    I disagree with the argument you have made for warriors. I myself have played lots of classes at the low levels and right now warriors are very powerful. If you do have BiS items like you say and are doing 1,000 damage, then you should be killing it in PvP. If you, as a warrior have 1.7k, then hunters and other classes, such as clothies, healers, ect, should have less. So all you have to do is charge and shield slam, rend, heroic strike and put out some damage and then should be dead before the stun even comes off. I constantly get 3-4 shotted by warriors because their spells do so much damage. You may only have a few, but they hit like a truck. Like you said hunters are do fractions of the damage that you're putting out, so in theory they should be easy to kill. Another good tip on how to survive it run with a group, on melee classes I like to stick with one or two people to take some of the focus off me so I can get in there and destroy them. I know you specified that these were 1v1 situations, but you shouldn't even have to deal with the frustration if we are in a group. Protection is by far the best spec for survivability, tank classes have become a lot more PvP oriented because their damage isn't as horrid as it used to be. Stick as protection, and you should be able to burst people within your stun. If not roll with a group or use obstacles that they provide for you, run into the enrage/rejuvenation hut and kill the hunter pet and wait it out. Eventually the hunter will leave or another group member will come along and kill him, or even better yet he'll come into the house where he is useless and you can easily destroy him. Warriors are definitely a class that takes more skill that a ranged class, because of the limited abilities, but if you can learn some good strategies then you'll be unstoppable.

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    Sorry if its a little tl;dr i just had to vent. I cant post links for abilities yet(i did it the first time,but it wouldnt allow me) so i had to re-write my post which took me a while

    Came out of a 20 minute WSG with THIRTY-TWO deaths. I was dying nearly every minute(i did go afk in the gy and the enemy team was farming us)
    Why cant blizz just add abilities so they counter each other?Say if class A gets an ability Y ,then class B gets an ability X to counter class A's ability Y,not were class A gets ability Y,J, and G which roots stuns and silences corresponding, while class B gets nothing . Idk this is the best analogy i can think of

    Oh and yes i am pvping as a tank, its the best spec. Mortal Strike sucks now, its 25% less healing instead of 50%(when did they change that?).It is avaliable at lvl 15 though,but healing is so op now the 25% less is literally nothing

    Fury just sucks altogether, poor rage regen ,no shield=i can die in 1 ambush from rogues

    Lets just say i am putting WoW off for today, time to play call of duty,that game has never betrayed me....sure there are spawncampers and kids as wel but at least i can scream at the 15yrolds in the lobby how girly their voices are and spawntrap Dome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewdrumpslap View Post
    your pvping as a tank?
    Prot specs in low level PvP outdamage their DPS counterparts.

    It's silly, but Blizzard's idea of solving low tank damage (Which shouldn't even be noticeable) was to buff scaling. It's like Sub Rogues in Cata, where Ambush would do ~60% of your life, with Premed on Ambush with BS followup into Evisc was an almost guaranteed kill.
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    You get shat on by Hunters, Rogues and Warlocks.. but you probably shit on Druids, Shamans and Priests. It's all rock paper scissors. Don't expect perfectly balanced PvP at level 19, it's been a lot worse than it is right now.

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    Sadly the game is exceptionally unbalanced at any level other than 90. It's incredibly stupid and completely avoidable, which is kind of Blizzards signature with this game.

    I suggest you forget pvp exists until you hit 90.

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    I do believe low-level battlegrounds are a BIT out of control but not for any of the reasons you stated. What I have noticed is that protection warrior is the spec (of the ones warriors have) that are the most dangerous to face.
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    The lowest brackets are a little tough on melee. If you aren't going to invest past the trial pack, you should consider playing a shadow priest or one of those hunters that are giving you a hard time.

    If you stick with the warrior, find a healer to run around with.

    I'm not all that sympathetic tho. Was 1-shot by a shield slam (crit) on my feral druid in the 25-29 bracket last night. :P

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    Prot is insanely op at low levels, I have full hairloom and dungeon blues on my warrior and my shield slam one shots people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    low level pvp sucks, always has always will. I dont even get why Blizzard wasted time adding in a level normalizer.
    To further hurt those entering the bottom of each respective bracket.

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    I liked the part where I kept kiting a Warrior all the way from FC to our lag while killing other people as a Hunter.

    In truth though I see your point. It comes down to when you get what skill and sadly you haven't gotten your "stay the fuck there" skill yet. Maybe spec warbringer to get back onto target with a second change verses having a shorter CD?
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    Ah, yes, this is how Blizz gets you... When your exp is shut off, not only do you queue with other trials, but 24 twinks as well. 24 twinks have crazy enchants like +15 agility to weapons and +15 agility to gloves. You can't kill them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingerlemon View Post
    Sadly the game is exceptionally unbalanced at any level other than 90. It's incredibly stupid and completely avoidable, which is kind of Blizzards signature with this game.

    I suggest you forget pvp exists until you hit 90.
    I'd argue its not even balanced at 90. Probably slightly better than low lvl pvp but then thats to be expected. Warriors of course fair extremely well at 90 in pvp though'.
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