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    Affliction Warlock PVP 5.2 rotation/priority

    I've started a couple new character since my return to wow and needless to say I am facing quite the learning experience. I have always dabbled with friends warlocks in BGs from time to time and decided to level one myself now. I am mostly geared in malev, I have been watching some streaming play but wanted to get a discussion about the arena/rbg scene and some of the best practices for warlocks.

    So, here are some of my tendencies and reactions and if they are wrong I'd gladly accept criticism and suggestions.


    *I usually try to get a portal down immediately nearby a pillar if possible and also a gateway if they opposing team doesn't charge in in*

    1.) Usually open with soul burn:soul swap for full dots, if I am focused I will do it again and spread to the other dps/healer if I get tunneled. Otherwise, if I can freecast I will hard cast the remaining dots

    2.) cycle through dotted targets with fel flame to extend duration, applying haunt to kill target and others if shards available. (I will also apply curse of exhaustion/elements if dots up, pressure not horrible for more dps/control)

    3.) fear either healer or dps causing most pressure to myself or teammates, then cycle thru others to mitigate DPS/heals while keeping up dots

    I've noticed that hardly any of the "better" players use malefic grasp much at all, they seem to constantly just keep focusing on positioning, movement and keeping up dots. One area I know I have to do a better job is clipping my dots, I know a lot of warlocks especially novice ones like myself commit that error which rapes your dps.

    So all in all, I focus on getting dots on targets. When I am the kill target, my dps suffers (seems normal) and I focus on less cast time spells and just getting out dots and surviving. When I am not the target, I am also getting out dots as fast as possible, but try to cycle fears in on opposition to give relief to teammates and stifle heals/dps. Is there anything fundamentally wrong with any of these approach or rotations? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    dot priority if hardcast

    1.) UA
    2.) CoA (haunt if SS)
    3.) corruption
    4.) fel flame
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