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    Glyph of Icy Veins

    Is there a reason to use this? / When do you use the gylph?

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    When you have reached or get down under GCD(1.0) on frostbolt with heroism actived.

    That's at least what i know :P

    Better answers may come

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    The idea is that icy veins outside of bloodlust/heroism is a dps gain over using it during bloodlust/heroism. Using the glyph allows you to use it during heroism/bloodlust and get a dps gain. So if you wanted to maximize your burst during bloodlust/heroism and not care about it the rest of the fight, the glyph is useful.

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    When you have so much haste (happens fast), thats you end up having a frostbolt casting time under 1 seconds. (GCD cap)

    Its almost mandatory for any decently geared frost mage, because if you use IV (unglyphed) + Bloodlust, you'll be GCD capped.

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    First, go read Kuni's guide (it's a sticky).
    Second, the problem isn't with Frostbolt going under 1s during Blood. It's just that without the Glyph, all instant spell will be GCD capped every IV.

    This is why the IV cap is around 4k and not 6k haste.

    just t not, that in T15, we will be GCD cap for instant very haste proc and passively in T15H.
    The answers is 42

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    Read Kuni's explanation in his guide. Also, be sure to understand that is assuming all haste buffs in a raid, therefore, if you do not have the 5% haste buff, you will need to adjust accordingly.

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