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    ICC 25 Heroic with 2 players

    Hi guys. So I'm looking into doing this for a couple reasons. First, I want to maximize Shadowfrost Shard gains by doing as much on heroic as possible, we want less people for farming Invincible, and we like challenges. I need to do it on my paladin, who mains ret but I can play any spec. He has a warrior and a warlock. We know how to 2 man LK, but I'm concerned we won't be able to get there due to a few mechanics. Particularly Marrowgar, Sindragosa, and Valithria, plus DPS races like Saurfang and Festergut. Will bone spikes and frost tombs happen with 2 players? I know they don't with just one. Any advice?

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    Marrowgar: he won't target whoever's hit by the swipe with his bonespikes, so you could cheese that.
    valithria: just use seal of insight and use all your holy power on her. it'll be close, but it should be doable.
    saurfang and festergut are trickier, because saurfang starts to heal after 20 seconds if you only have 1 tank and festergut makes you explode after 2 minutes or so.
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    Protection paladin can use sacred shield to counter saurfangs healing, fully absorbed hits dont heal him, the enrage will be a bigger issue, id suggest doing him on normal.
    Festergut just bubble off the stacks, youll need insane dps on 25 heroic to make it before you get 9 again tho.

    Frosttombs do occur yes.

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    Just pay a couple other friends to come help out with the ones you two cannot do. Done.

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    Bone spikes will happen on marrowgar 25HC on both players, unless you can kill him before the bone storm. Frost tombs will happen on one player, but it's not particularly important.

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    Thanks, with the ice tombs I was worried we'd both get tombed and it would just reset or wipe us.

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    What overall dps would you need for fights like Marrowgar, Saurfang, Plague quarter etc to zerg?

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