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    Best talent tree for PVP tank

    Hello there

    What the warrior tanks are using for RBG now? I'm not sure if my configuration is the best, so give me your opinion.

    Warbringer, because of stun and slow on primary target
    Second Wind, It is still good with Unwavering Sentinel and other defensive skills
    Mass Spell Reflection
    Staggering Shout + Bladestorm + Bloodbath for mass rooting while I recieve immunity, I have captured many flags with this combo.


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    I prefer double time and storm bolt.

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    Im running

    Double Time (movement)
    Second Wind (thinking of switching to ER)
    Staggering Shout
    Shockwave (Survivability, that and normally you hit enough targets to get the shorter cd)
    Mass Spell Reflect
    Storm bolt.

    Seems to do the job, i can see where Bladestorm could be useful, but Storm bolt > Bloodbath

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