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    Is using very very old bugs still bannable?

    If you use an older bug, that blizzard has tried to fix, but some fell through the cracks, is it still considered a ban-able offense?

    I know some are using the gold hunter pet bug from EPL to increase damage, and it was done in Cata with silithids for deathwing. I don't think blizzard really cares about it, but does anyone have any experiences where they actually know there was disciplinary actions taken by blizzard for using a old bug like this?


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    All bugs being abused is a bannable offence if you are caught.
    You may remember me from such threads as!

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    What a weird question. Of course exploiting a bug is a banable offence. Why would it matter how old the bug is?

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    Yes, you'd get banned. That's like asking if going under Orgrimmar in Wrath was bannable...

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    If you exploit an EPL pet for raid progression you're at risk of being banned when caught

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    You will only get banned if you exploiit to gain advantage over other players or disrupt the economy.

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    If you have to ask, then it's probably wise not to do it. Unless of course you want to be banned.

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    The general rule of thumb is if you use a bug for personal gain, then you'll get banned. So if you go into Battlegrounds and kill people with a bug, or go into raids and kill bosses, then you'll get banned.

    The argument 'well it's Blizzard's fault, they should've fixed it lololololol' doesn't apply: there's this thing called morals. If you even have to ask if it's wrong, then chances are that it is wrong.

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    Shame to see that, I expect better from Suit Up.

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