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    Back to wow, looking for opinions

    Hi guys, I've recently come back to wow after I stopped playing in Wotlk and... damn I'm so lost!
    I will only have time to focus on 1 pg and I'm going to do almost only pvp (mainly bg and rbg, no arenas, I hope some world pvp) but things have changed so much I don't really know what pg to choose and I really don't have time to level everyone and see by myself.
    I currently have (all at 80) a hunter, a warrior, a priest and a paladin. Of these 4, the one who seems to have changed less is the warr (eg last time I played hunter still had focus and pally had no holy power and talent trees were just a tad different ^^).
    Since I don't have time to level and play every pg I'd like to know, if you play any of the classes I mentioned above and based on actual mechanics I'm not familiar with, which one you find most 'fun' (not competitive or fotm, just plain FUN) to play and if you can tell me why it is so in your opinion.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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    I'd probably go with pg-13

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    I for one from the ones listed above would go with a Priest, I have only played my priest to lvl 45, but I love to PVP as disc even at this low level its a blast. Warriors are as always kind of blah IMO, I hate hunters so couldn't tell you there. I main a Ret Pally and they are fun to run around and 2 shot people, but the fact that we are soo cooldown oriented It makes the play fell cheap in a way. I have stopped PVP on my pally because it was just not fun.

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    We can't choose a class for you, and we definitely can't choose what is "fun" for you either. That's too subjective and only you can decide if something is truly enjoyable for you to play. I'm sorry, but I'll have to close this thread.

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