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    Worldmarkers /castsequence

    So im trying to make a /castsequence or one button macro for world markers.
    Not that into macros so not very good at doing them,
    Cant find anything about this anywhere so might as well ask here

    I want the macro to use the worldmarkes in order one at the every time i press the button and reset when i use /cwm all (clearworldmarker all)
    So basically. First press: place wm 1=blue. Second: place wm 2=green and so on. Then reset back to blue when i use /cwm all.

    This is what ive tried: /castsequence reset=cwm wm 1, wm 2, wm 3, wm 4, wm5
    But since the wm 1 etc are /-commands im not sure how to make it work (if even possible).
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I'm guessing it would have to be a script, you can't "cast" a world marker, but I wouldn't really know how to make it. I've done one that rotates through *target* markers on mouseover, but world markers are more tricky since the script command for placing them is protected and unusable in a macro script (afaik). I believe to get around that people use the following:

    /click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
    /click DropDownList1ButtonX

    (X being 1-5)

    which is literally "clicking" the blizzard UI frames to drop them. But I don't know how to integrate that into a script with an incrementing value 1 through 5.

    I'd suggest the addon Opie World Markers and then you can avoid all this entirely.

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