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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    No offense, but that doesnt draw a too nice picture of your skills
    I mean, reading that you may come to the conclusion that you are the reason for the loss.
    This is not arena. This is 10v10 to 40v40. Its quite rare for one person to carry whole team - unless its WSG/Twin peaks. And even then..
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    Interesting statistics of two classes I play, both Alliance. On the left, that is my rogue, which is in greens and blues and I'm also probably not so good at it. On the right, that's my main, which is a decently geared hunter. I'm starting to believe, that a single person can have a significant impact on the win / loss ratio. I would probably be able to pull off even bigger differences, if I would play the right class and spec for random BGs, maybe something like a UH DK. Or maybe all this is just coincidence, but I don't think so.

    The addon that tracks this is called REFLEX.
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    Like it is now you do random bg's not for farming honor since its more effective to get a instance group and farm hc. Everyone should take bg's for what they are random bg's doesnt imply that you should win 100% dont get why blizz have this stupid honor system when only the winning part get any reward worth mentioning, same with conquest. Since bots are on both the winning and losing side whats the point of em really? The gap is however to big I belive. If random bg's would have been like the challenge mode dungeons when there is a cap for gear it would have better justified.

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