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    I was dumb. I need some help.

    Well, I made a massive mistake and downloaded something I shouldn't have. Now I have this dumb Sweetpacks.com crap that keeps loading up whenever I start chrome. It's also given me some viruses. I have done everything I can think of to stop this Sweetpacks.com page to stop loading, but I can't figure it out. I have removed if from everywhere that it's listed in the chrome settings. I changed the homepage in internet options.. It just won't go away.. As for the viruses, I'm running my scanners. Malewarebits has detected 2 objects.. Trying to solve this without having to reformat my computer. Any tips and help would be cool. Any other good virus removal programs out there for free?

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    Ran the program. It deleted 4 files after a 10 minute wait. However, the stupid sweetpacks thing still pops up. Maybe I should just redownload chrome.

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    You can try reinstalling Chrome, but another option is to open Windows in Safe Mode and running anti-spyware programs and antivirus. That should help clear it up a great deal, if not altogether.

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    I re installed Chrome and it's gone now.

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    System restore fixes a lot of problems and can even remove hidden viruses if you pick a restore point far back enough.

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