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    3's comp for Hpala

    So what is the current best comp for Hpala? I feel like nobody wants me anymore, everyone wants priest or rdruid instead?

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    PHDK is probably best. Could also play Thugcleave, Monk/Hunter or Monk/DK.

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    Play TSG (Hpala, warrior, dk) or KFC.

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    God, if its one thing I hate about the Arena community, is all these stupid names and abbreviations for arena compositions like KFC and TSG or [something]-Cleave. Seriously. STAHP!

    On Topic:
    I have seen Affliction Warlock/Unholy Death Knight/Holy Paladin do very well. I'd give that a try. However, play with your friends for fun. Don't play with jerks just to get you meaningless Rank 1 Gladiator title! Now, if you can play with your friends and get that shiny "Gladiator" before your name, then good for you!
    "Use the force harry." -Gandalf

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