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    Gripe about wintraders getting hero

    I missed hero last season even though I was 2498 rbg rating. Reason being because of so many wintraders inflating the ladders. I played with abn and the rest of his team got it.

    Blizzard gave hero to obvious wintrades with 6 wins, and 11 losses. Absolutely pathetic, now look at this 6 honorable kills, full greens and 2500+ rated? Yeah right.

    Same thing still going on and nothing being done.

    Blizz just doesn't care. Happens every season.

    If people were exploiting heroic kills and getting free titles and heroic gear blizz would be on that immediately.

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    While I agree with you... naming and shaming isn't allowed. This also would be better complained about on the actual WoW forums.

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    Naming and shaming is to protect players that don't play as well for w/e reason, not to protect cheaters. Bliz has also stated that they read non-official forums like these so why not post it here.

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    Blizzard tells us to report players, the sad thing is when they DO get reported but nothing is done. It's obvious they're not reading every report, or stuff like this would happen much less often.

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