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    visability and durumu's eye sore maze

    so for two weeks my guild has killed this by the skin of our teeth, we are having issues with losing people during the eye sore phase, we've tried multiple different strats and position, running in melee, running at ranged, stacking, cooldowning it, and we always lose 1-2 people ( never the same people) per maze.

    now, the average age of my guild is umm... somewhat older, most of us are in our thirties to forties, we are old fogies and some of our eye sight isn't as good as it was.

    its not that our raiders have issues not standing in fire and performing raid mechanics its that everyone seems to be having problems seeing the dark purple maze on the dark gray floor in the dark room.

    we've all tried cranking up our graphics, turning them down, short of most of us getting newer, younger eyeballs this is going to continue to be an issue.

    has anyone else had this issue? or have ways to combat it? its a really good fight but and i hate that a simple viability problem is making us hate it.
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    Try making a custom profile for their video settings for that fight and upload it to your guild forums. A simple gamma change or rgb slider moved will make all the difference for noticing spell effects against a similar colored floor.

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    First of all, the eye sore 'texture'\animation\color is HORRENDOUS.

    The problem my guild had at start was, everyone was clustered up, and most of the times we wouldn't actually SEE the 'cleared area' to move onto, because people were already on it, so a lot of people repeatedly died on it. One thing that helps with that - or at least helped some of our guildies with that issue - was (knowing there are 2 safe areas, one at melee range, another further away - bad choice, more running) everyone move away from the boss, to make sure the melee safe zone was easily spotted, and then move there, having some raid cds to help on the movement. After that, it's just standing still and waiting for new safe patches to open up and don't panic with the beam. Safe patches will always appear before the beam hits you, no point rushing forward taking extra damage.

    Anyway, it is a pain to notice, but eventually you'll get the hang of it, good luck with it!

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    Not just old guys that have an issue with that I'm afraid, a few of my raiders have been driving me crazy on this fight. A few pointers are to turn the graphics to low, and to tell your raiders to remain calm. The beam has a tiny hitbox and you can almost stand inside it before dying, and the path will always open up before the beam becomes an issue, so just have them stay put until they can see it.

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    Cookie is correct in saying that the beam has a tiny hitbox. You can really only die if the beam crosses completely over you. People panic when they see the beam getting to close, but it's important to relax and wait for a path to open up. You don't have to do any preemptive moving, just need to keep calm and be patient with it.
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    one thing i learned from the fight is u have to be extremely patient and calm , the beam moves very slow and it will reveal safe spots before it actually hits u, only advice i can give is stay calm and dont try to get ahead of your group, this fight doesn't work that way , move with the same pace and dont speed up, u WILL die.

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    Just poke your characters' eyes out and you can't have eye sores. Easy bosskill!

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    1) Download GTFO (addon) - Beeps at you when you're standing in bad things.
    2) Take baby steps.
    3) Just chill out and keep it smooth.

    I feel as if middle lane is the easiest, what I try to do is start near the purple and just hang out until it starts filling out the area. Be sure to have your finger on your "Oh shit" button. ie: Dark Bargain for warlocks (Prevents all damage for 8 seconds).

    My best attempts were with my settings on high, I personally had a harder time seeing the maze with it on low. But to each's own. :P

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    Maybe... turn up monitor brightness or fiddle with those settings?

    Also, on the off chance this video might help:

    Originally made it for my guild. Start at around 2:25 for the disintegration beam phase. Might not help if you can't see the purple stuff to begin with, though. I never thought it was that hard to see once I knew how the safe zones worked and that they always start at roughly the same spot. Also as someone else said, according to many in our raid as well, the middle lane is much easier than melee. If your melee die in the melee lane but not in the middle one, well, it's better that they stay alive at least.

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    thanks for the input, i'll see if we can get everyone messing with their gamma enough to help.

    a lot of us run gtfo, it hasn't seemed to help very much.
    " I need a sec, my wrists hurt from spamming slam so hard. Playing cleave vs cleave is tough stuff guys"

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    Save defensive CDs if you're bad at the maze. As a WW, if I ever hear GTFO screaming at me for Eye Sore, I just pop Diffuse Magic followed by Touch of Karma, which gives me 10 seconds to adjust to the maze.

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    My main bugbear with the melee path is when it actually moves under the bosses various appendages making it a pain to see from the otherwise optimal top-down view. That and it's got a nasty habit of making an area clear then moments later covering it again.

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    I frapsed our kill of it the first week. What we did was just zoom in our cameras, relax and look for the openings. Maybe you can get an idea from it:

    Edit: First Beam phase is just after 2.30.

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    If you use the ranged position there are massive gaps to run into behind you as the maze is first spawning, it's pretty much impossible to die on.

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    Its all about starting the maze after you start it will be pretty easy.

    A method we found works well with an explanation -

    The maze spawns in 8 pie slices out from the boss.

    Disintigration beam will always go to the front of the room.

    The maze will always spawn 1 quarter away from the disintegration beam (to the left or right) leaving you 2/8 to start in.

    You want to move away from the disintegration beam closer to the first quarter of the maze that spawned (so you are standing on the second piece). And turn your camera so piece 1 (inbetween you and the beam) is visible. As the maze fills up around the room wait patiently.

    The Maze starts spawning on piece 1 which will be inbetween you and the beam.

    as soon as piece 1 spawns (inbetween you and the beam) YOU MUST MOVE INTO THE MAZE IN PIECE ONE.

    - If you dont move into piece one the maze can change on you and kill you, if you move into piece one and let piece 2 spawn and move into it you have sucessfully completed the start of the maze and can just move as spawns happen.

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    I found the range path much easier to see than the melee path (especially with people using ground aoe effects in melee when it goes into his hit box). Try having people that don't have to dps from melee try the range path

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoxxusKT View Post
    I frapsed our kill of it the first week. What we did was just zoom in our cameras, relax and look for the openings. Maybe you can get an idea from it:

    Edit: First Beam phase is just after 2.30.
    What the hell is with that guys hotkeys? 3 of everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magally View Post
    What the hell is with that guys hotkeys? 3 of everything.
    Its just for myself, I like how it looks.. Every button is different tho. Example: The 3 sprint buttons: 1 Sprint, 2 Worgen Sprint, 3 Redirect.

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    Between the first week and this past week, I feel like they made some adjustment to it, that or I just got better at seeing the paths.

    But it really did seem much easier to do.

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    the only two tipps I can give you:

    when youre in a safe spot only move if you absolutely have to, usually that means only move when the beam is so close it could burn your nosehair.

    I dont know how you call it in english but I found that in maze phase it helps a lot when you're looking at your character from straight up above (birds eye view?). it helped a lot in the zorlok heroic fight, it helped a lot here as well.

    seeing as how many people in your guild are above 30 the nosehair advice might be the stronger one.

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